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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cat Shearing Day

Well the annual Southeast KS event approaches! The day that Cowboy (actually it is a week long event if he can't catch him) tries to shear his old Maine coon cat.......alias Salem!

PETA and NRA already have offices in town to report to their respective members the status of each day. This year for the first time we have several new groups ....... some of the new national groups are:
  • MACS (Mothers Against Cat Shearing) .... all indications are they are a militant group

  • LEFT (Lesbians for Ethical Feline Treatment) ..... on the list of the FBI's most dreaded terrorist groups

  • CHA (Coon Hunters Anonymous) .... each of whom hope they have a chance to hunt down the main coon in the event that he (Salem) escapes

  • REBA (Rednecks Enjoy Barbeque Association) .... they are providing lunch!

  • .....but the county sheriff has extra deputies on duty observing each groups every move. The county sheriff has ask for additional funds this year because he has to cover so many areas. (rumor even has it that the FBI has been called in to cover some of the groups)

    Stay tuned to your national news for up to the minute news on this event!