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Friday, March 20, 2009

Yep, I'm still kickin'

To those of you that have written wondering about my demise .... and to those of you who have wished for it ... I'm still kickin'.  I just haven't had a thought to put down worthy of the bandwidth it'd take to publish it.  And there was plenty of subject matter in the political world to select from.
I've even started a few with thoughts gleaned from conversations with Clem, Clyde and Chester about the bailouts, spreading the wealth around or cap and trade.  However, when I censored the language it was always the same, "that's a bunch of bull s*@#".  I could have published a few blogs on what the Stockman coffee crew would like to do to some select members of the administration and/or congress ..... but I'm sure we would have ended up on some Homeland Security watch list.
So I have refrained myself from the keyboard and kept my Blackberry in my pocket.  However I guess I can pass on this that happened yesterday.
I was down in the Osage, chasing any rancher that might need one more load of feed or looking for new ones I hadn't met yet.  The weather had changed from the spring like sunshine of the weekend to a dull chill aggravated by a very sharp and blustery north wind.
A strange pickup with a cake box was pulling out of a pasture ahead of me.  I stopped to meet this new potential as the older small framed rancher was closing the gate.  He was fully bundled up in carhart coveralls, a stocking cap underneath a weather beaten hat and sunglasses fitted to a weather beaten face.
"A feed salesman just can't pass a guy with a cake box on his pickup and not stop to introduce himself," I said handing the weathered old rancher my business card.  The statement was met with a smile and I knew I had at least a couple minutes to forge a friendship.
I turned up the collar on my jacket as a gust of cold wind howled through the trees.  "Dang!" I continued, "I was just getting used to that warmer weather where if you stopped along the road to take a leak, you didn't have to go through 13 layers of clothes to reach it!"
Again I saw the weathered smile from behind the sunglasses and I could feel the friendship building.
"Sir," I said extending my hand into a firm handshake, "I don't guess I've ever met you." 
"Dennis is my name" I said, firmly griping the extended hand.
But my hand went limp as SHE said "Peggy"
I guess the commission check will be a bit smaller this pay period.