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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cat Shearing 1/2 over

Well Saturday morning the cat was finally trapped inside the garage, much to the dissatisfaction of PETA, LEFT/WING and the cat (Salem). Even though trapped in the garage, the capture of the cat was not complete. And thankfully the morning exercise routine has increased my stamina to where I could chase him around and not be totally winded.

Finally I was able to corner him under the back step with a few volunteers from the local REBA chapter. Thankfully, one of them was skinny enough to climb under the steps and grab Salem. It really was a horrific battle under those steps and the screams sent shivers up your spine. And the good news this morning is that ole Jake is out of intensive care after they give him a few pints of blood. We are still are waiting on a total number of stitches it took to sew him back together, but you got to give him credit, he held on to Salem while we drug him out from under the steps by his feet (Jake not the cat).

And after getting all dressed in my protective gear I went to work shearing the cat. I reckon I got him about half done but it was so hot yesterday that I had them open the garage door to get some air. Since I was sitting on Salem I didn't figure there was anyway he could escape. But when he seen the open garage door he took a bite out of my derrière and escaped through the open door