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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The term "Pro-choice" seems odd to me .....

officer:"Sir I've pulled you over because the children in the back seat are not restrained in car seats in a moving vehicle."
man:"Officer, my grand kids were here visiting and we were just going a few blocks to get some ice cream."
officer:"Sir, it's the law.  You don't have a choice."
Doctor: "Ma'am, the test are conclusive.  You're pregnant."
Woman: "Doctor, you must be mistaken.  Another child will change all my plans."
Doctor:  "If it's inconvenient, you can abort.  You do have a choice."
It just seems odd to me that there are laws to protect children's lives ... except for the unborn and it's called being "pro-choice".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meeting women off the net update

OK....... here's proof for those "nay-sayers" who had doubts that I actually met a "sweet young thing" off the net!  Meet Katy!!!!!  (OK her name is Sarah ... but I first met her as Katy!)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

There's no pleasing that woman....

As many of you might remember, a year ago in April the Warden embarked on a strategy to rebuild our house.  And I must admit the improvements have generally been good improvements to our living quarters and lifestyle.  However certain projects have been put aside as more pressing projects have taken the forefront.
Sometime in the midst of our kitchen remodel, the vent in the hood over the stove stopped working.  At the time I told the Warden, "I'll check it out when we get time."  Each time the Warden would cook for family or company this past year, she would reference the fact that the vent wasn't working.  And each time I proclaimed, "I'll check it out when we get time."
Well this past week the Warden said she was headed to Wichita to look at new range hoods.  That sure seemed like a waste of money to me to buy a NEW range hood, so I assured her that I would look into it before she would have to buy one ...... and Saturday I did just that.
The removing of the ailing motor took approximately 15-20 minutes.  I then made a fast trip to Wichita to buy said motor.  I retuned to reinstall said motor which took about another 15 minutes.  I stepped back in pride to observe my handiwork and turned on the switch.  The purr of the new motor was reference to man's dominion over his kingdom. 
I smiled at the Warden.
"You're done?" was her astonished response. 
"Yeah, nothing to it" I said, wanting to beat my chest and give the Tarzan yodel. 
She just stood there looking at me, hands on hips. 
"Is something wrong?" I inquired.
"I have been waiting for a year with no stove vent and it only took 30 minutes to actually FIX the thing?" she said.  More of a statement than an inquiry and with that she turned and headed out of the kitchen.
I swear, there is just no pleasing that woman.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meeting women off the net.

Sunday I got to meet a woman that I had met "on line".  I had heard/read a lot about people meeting "on line" ... some even traveling from across the country.  Well this woman was from the Houston area .... (that's quite a haul too!) ... and was coming to the area ... so I asked the Warden if I could meet her ... and she said OK!
So Sunday after church we stopped by a family reunion and I got to meet Katy (OK, her real name is Sarah .... but seems I have a hard time remembering names ... and she is from Katy).  Anyway, she and her family were gracious enough to take a few minutes and allow me to introduce myself to her and her immediate family (Ryan, Caleb and Logan). 
She has a great blog full of pictures, news of her expanding family and the values they live by.  It's worth a read so click here and check her out.  I especially like reading her "Thankful Thursdays" ... makes me more aware of my surroundings as I should be.
I hear so much about "young people" these days and how bad the values are.  How they don't "take responsibility", how they raise their kids ... yada yada yada.  If you ever watch the TV news or read the paper, you have been deluged with how bad the world is becoming.  I don't believe it anymore than I believe in man made global warming ..... and this young family is just more PROOF.   I agree that there is plenty of bad young people out there (always have been) ... but there is a LOT of good ones too.  Come ride with me some day and I'll introduce you to some of them.
Thanks Katy, Ryan, Caleb and Logan for taking a few minutes from your reunion to meet me.  (And thanks to Mark and Karen for the invite.)
And another thought just hit me ..... having the Warden's permission to meet women "off the net" might come in REAL handy!!!