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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The term "Pro-choice" seems odd to me .....

officer:"Sir I've pulled you over because the children in the back seat are not restrained in car seats in a moving vehicle."
man:"Officer, my grand kids were here visiting and we were just going a few blocks to get some ice cream."
officer:"Sir, it's the law.  You don't have a choice."
Doctor: "Ma'am, the test are conclusive.  You're pregnant."
Woman: "Doctor, you must be mistaken.  Another child will change all my plans."
Doctor:  "If it's inconvenient, you can abort.  You do have a choice."
It just seems odd to me that there are laws to protect children's lives ... except for the unborn and it's called being "pro-choice".


The Ponderer said...

I agree. Life begins at conception. On another note, did you get a ticket for not having the grandkids strapped in? :)

crabby old man said...

As I've said before abortion(murder) is a piss poor way for birth control.
God will punish us for allowing this to happen.

MUD said...

I think abortion is a horrible thing and I would never advocate for it. But, I don't want my Government to get more involved in a decision between a woman and her Doctor and her God. My version of Pro Chice is to put out a bird feeder and a suet block if I want to see birds this winter. Think Globally, but act locally.
If you think a feed salesman is unpopular, think how bad it would be if you were a lawyer. MUD

Jenni said...

Just curious, do you allow for an exception when the mother's life is at grave risk and doctors say the baby will not survive anyway? Years ago there was such a case at Tiller's clinic in Wichita that made me reconsider my position. That couple desperately wanted that baby, but they had to think about the probability that not terminating that pregnancy would leave their other young children without a mother. That's a pretty tough spot to be in, and I can understand making such a choice in that situation. I'm pro-life, but I do believe cases should be looked at individually and this is the biggest argument I can think of for an exception to be made.