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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out of the blue

It's been so long since I wrote a blog ... I've about forgot how!  But I must confess, almost anything I would have written the last few days would have been a drag and a downer because of all the political shenanigans and rhetoric that has the airways blocked.  I for one will be glad when this election is over .... assuming we are still the United States of America .... and not the Socialists States of America. 
I do have to admit .... when I watched Sarah Palin's acceptance speech .... I did stand and cheer!  I for one say, take the lipstick off that hockey mom and let the Rottweiler in her tear some politcal @&& up in Washington DC!  I do have to admit though, I do worry about her "inexperience" .....  I mean it takes EXPERIENCE to screw things up this bad!  And with NO experience, she might actually FIX SOMETHING! 
There's only one thing I have against Sarah Palin .... one thing I shall always hold against her .. it happened in her interview with Katie Couric .... Sarah didn't haul off and belt that elitist biddy in the mouth.  But ... there's always a possibility she'll fix that someday.


The Ponderer said...

Amen. I am watching this Tuesday Town Hall as I write this. I am hoping the old horse in this race gets going.

Linda said...

Yeah... just give her time!

crabby old man said...

If You walked up to Katie's house, she would run from under the porch & bite your ankle.

In_spired said...

Loved your thoughts, Mr. Dennis!

I read a cute comment on a political blog that I read often. This guy was praising Sarah's VP Debate performance and at the end of the comment he wrote:
"And, besides....she winked at me!

I loved it!!

Thanks for your 'thoughts'...

MUD said...

Yes, and I hate it that McCain won't call Barry for being the most liberal Senator in the senate. He is going to lose because he plays nice and his Maverick name won't get him there. MUD