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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the plummer .......

... Slim the cowboy ..... Sam the trucker ..... Sarah the secretary ..... Sheila the nurse ..... Steve the trash truck driver .... we're all in the same boat.  Trying to better ourselves.  Working hard to make a living ..... making ends meet, trying to make more than we did last year .... try to save a few bucks ....... put some back for a rainy day and maybe make enough so we can buy some of those things we have always dreamed about. 
MAYBE even start a business of our own .... for what?  So we can keep Pelosi in a private plane to fly around?  Help some Senator put his name on a government building?  Help some congressman build a freeway and buy a few votes?
This is a true story. 
Two of my customers are former "trash truck" drivers.  Both are now millionaires ..... but if you met either one, you wouldn't know it.   They worked hard ..... took risks and made the correct decisions that led them to be in the right place at the right times.  They sold their "fledgling" companies for millions and now own farms and cattle.  Both still wear overalls and talk about coon hunting, setting lines for fishing and eat "hot hamburgers" covered with French fries and white cream gravy. 
They got up early.  Drove used cars with bald tires and sweated every day it was hot ... blowed warm air into their hands on cold days and got soaking wet when it rained.  They earned every dollar .... and even paid every tax dollar required of them.
Now WHY am I entitled to some of their fortunes?  Why would I want more than their friendship?  They'd give you the shirt off their back if you were in need.  But if you try to "take it" ...... you'd best be ready for the tussle of your life ..... because they WORKED for what they have.
Mr. Obama .... I for one don't want you to "spread the wealth around" ....... just get out of the way and let those of us who DO BELIEVE in the AMERICAN DREAM have a chance at it.  My daddy taught me ..... if you want a bigger house, go get a job and buy it.  Pay what you owe and do the job you were hired to do. 
Mr. Obama .... what did your daddy teach you.


In_spired said...

What a great "thinking" post! Good for you, Mr. KsCowboy!!

crabby old man said...

Maybe U should be on the ballot

The Ponderer said...

You forgot Doofus the lifelong moocher. He likes this idea. Sumthin' for nuthin' is what he has been about all his life. He believes in Robin Hood, the welfare state and the lottery. He thinks he might be hitting all five numbers and the Powerball if Obama makes it to the Whitehouse.

Good post.

Jenni said...

I tried to watch the debate. I did. Those things irk me, though. So little is said because both candidates are too busy defending themselves, attacking each other, and posturing. It makes me ill. I was intrigued by the mention of this "Joe the Plumber" that I heard more than five times in the short time I was in front of the set. The next day I found out who Joe is and watched the clips of him speaking to Obama and then to Diane Sawyer. I wanted to run right out and get a "Joe the Plumber for President" bumper sticker.

MUD said...

Barry is a life long liberal and made a living by giving other people's money (OPM)to others. How people can think he will change is beyond me. Get ready boys and girls. MUD