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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines Day

With only a week till Valentines Day, the subject of wives came up at the Stockman.  Now since none of us there are "newly weds" we are well versed in our respective wives wishes.  I mentioned, for instance, I was taking the Warden to a "Sweetheart banquet".
"Well my Claire always wants a real pretty card," Clem stated.  "So the other day when she and I went to Wal-Mart, I looked over the selection.  Do you know some of them now cost $5.00?"
"Did you get her one?" asked Clyde.
"Not with the cattle market the way it is" Clem answered.  "But I did pick a real nice one out and let her read it while we were there!"
"I was reading the High Plains Journal the other day," Clyde said.  "There was a real nice poem in there to farm wives, so I cut it out and will save it to give Cletta on Valentines Day.  She'll like that."
"Yeah," injected Chester, "my Chloe read that poem in the High Pains too.  She said if I was real romantic, I'd write her a poem like that, so I wrote one for her."
"You wrote a poem?" asked a surprised Clyde. 
"Yep" nodded Chester.
"Let's hear it" chided Clem.
"Roses are red, violets are purple.  You're as sweet as maple syruple" Chester replied.  Then continued, "When the cows are grazing pastures green.  I'm reminded of Chloe Dean."
Chester cocked his head trying to remember the next verse, "Their coats bright and shiny, their eyes open wide.  Reminds me of you, when you're at my side."
"And when they turn to walk away, I'm reminded of how you sway."
Chester started the next verse but Clem started laughing.
"Wait, I can't take anymore" Clem stated through raucous laughter.  "You're going to compare Chloe to a cow?  My friend, it's been nice knowing ya!"