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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atlanta Labor Day

Last night the Warden and I took a gallon of home made ice cream and headed to Atlanta.  Each year the citizens of Atlanta host a weekend long Labor Day celebration.  People from all over come join in the revelry; Families come home to have reunions; and I go to get a bowl of ice cream! 
I written about it before on a couple of occasions:  Labor Day 2005  and Labor Day 2006
Well last night was no different from past years.  The city park was covered with people of all ages, each carrying a plate of food.  There were old timers comparing notes and seeing who could " 'member the most", grandparents showing off their grandkids, grandkids moving at sonic speed, teenage boys checking out teenage girls and the usual political wannabe's shaking a few hands.
While there I talked to Bret and Robin (I nearly shot his wife 32 years ago ... but that's another story!)  But they are a loyal Labor Day celebrationist now and return to Atlanta every year for the festivities.  Bret is also a good photographer and has recorded the celebration for several years.  Click here to see some of his pictures.
Tomorrow the Warden and I will return to Atlanta and watch the parade and visit again with old friends of by gone years.  If you want some good times .... come join us.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love a debate ....

I normally don't "comment on comments" .... but this time I must.  I responded directly to Jenni via email because I could .... but I have no way to directly respond to "a non-climate scientist" so I shall use this forum.  (I wish you would at least sign it Fred or Nancy or whatever)  Nor shall I know if you even read my rebuttal.
First of all, we agree on one thing ... I won't play Russian roulette.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even put an unloaded gun to my head.  So the premise of your statement has no bearing.
Now, concerning your statement, "but what if the scientists are right? ".  My first question is; Which scientist?  The ones who tout global warming?  Or the ones that doubt global warming?  There is NOT a consensus among scientist about either.  Perhaps you have not heard of the Global Warming Petition Project.  It would be easy to miss because it is hardly reported and only has 31,000 scientists signing it.  (and only started in 1997)  If you are truly interested in research go to that site, please at least read the letter written in 1998 by Fredrick Seitz, Past President of the National Academy of  Scientists; President Emeritus, Rockefeller University.
Concerning your statement "we have to replace our current lifestyle".  Which lifestyle?  Mine or yours?  What does that mean?  Stop eating meat?  Plow the fields with horses again?  Park our cars and trucks?  Stop flying?  Turn off air conditioners and heaters?  What is the problem with our lifestyle?  Nancy Pelosi who says she's saving the planet sure doesn't take the train or bus .... and I even doubt she flys commercial!!  Al Gore (the Nobel Peace Prize guy) doesn't drive a Prius or ride a bicycle when he travels!!  So should our current lifestyle return to the feudal system of serf and noble?
Concerning your statement "When you ignore the data".  Again we agree.  I hope you don't ignore the data either or for that matter use "selective" data.  As for me, I shall continue to use the God given sense I have to reason for myself. 
And as far as "Unless you're a fool" .... I am reminded of a 2000 year old writing to a group of Romans that says, although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.
Dennis  <-------- that's me!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rain Slicker and Mud Boots ..... In August?

Is it really the middle of August?  Toto, am I really in Kansas?  And I am to believe that this cooler than normal weather is being caused by global warming. 
Folks, I'm tired.  I'm tired of idiots telling me that I'm slowly burning up when in fact I'm looking for a long sleeved shirt, IN AUGUST!  I'm tired of hearing how the bread basket of North America will lay barren due to drought when in fact our rivers overflow their rain filled banks, IN AUGUST.  I tend more to agree with the June 24, 1974 Time Magazine article that a global ice age is returning.  Or perhaps if you are a naysayer (or even worse, a believer in global warming) an even more recent article written in 2005.   Climate change is a natural occurrence and the effect humans has on it are local not global.
I'm tired of being forced to purchase ethanol in gasoline.  (talk to your local gas station and see if he is purchasing fuel with added alcohol)  Since I drive an average of 250 miles a day, I have a log of my fuel mileage ..... (alcohol reduces my mileage by at least 10%).  The only thing that ethanol improves is the intake of federal and state fuel taxes because you have to buy more gallons.
I'm tired of "political correctness".   I'm tired of listening to one woman saying she is "saving the planet" by not drilling.  I'm tired of politicians taking my liberties and spending my money and saying it is for my well being.   It is time to take the country back, not by revolt, but by the vote.  We have an election coming this November.  Make your vote count this year.   KNOW what your candidate's position is on the different policies ... and if they don't follow-up on it .... vote them back out.
This has been my rant for the day.