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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

celebrations and other problems

Well, we attended the annual Atlanta Labor Day celebration over the weekend and I must say, it was an amazing success. People attended from far and wide to attend the parade, craft show, kiddy games and bean feed (which did prove helpful to end the gas shortage!!).

And since it would take a book to write about the complete days events, I must condense the day to one particular hair raising (even on my bald head) experience I had. Our children happened to be involved in the normal tasks of "seeing things get done".....since they are ........locals. Well Grandma says.......hey, we'll watch the kids while you guys do the work.

Now I thought this was rather bold of the wife, to offer my services since I had already spotted an empty spot on the liars bench, but I held my tongue, wishing also to "do my part" for the kids. So with 4 kids in tow (well actually two in tow and two being carried) we set out for the play ground, their caps pulled down half over their eyes to help block a sun burn.

We sit the kids down among 40-50 other kids and found a high point to sit that will allow us to observe in pleasure. Now trying to keep track of four individual kids in a mass of kids is kind of like keeping track of worms in a bait can. That's when the problem started. I was so focused on keeping track of the kids, I never noticed the wife had crept off to the craft show and left ME all alone to watch this menagerie of kids.

So there I set, craning my neck, looking for the wife among the hordes of women circling the craft tables.........no where in sight! So I turn back to check the kids. NOTHING there either!!! The kids had disappeared also!!! A cold sweat breaks out on my forehead as I think of how I am going to explain to my daughters the disappearance of my grandkids.

I walk into the middle of the moving mass, lifting caps and examining underneath, hoping to find the lost. (I didn't realize how much all kids look alike in a hat!) And since they were all moving at breakneck speed, I was often finding the same kid under each hat.......and it wasn't MINE!

I am near heart palpitations, when I hear from the sideline, "What's Pappy doing Mom?"

There stands my daughters, with all four kids looking like little angels. "Don't worry Andrew" Rachel answers, "Nobody knows he's your Pappy! He used to embarrass us to, but we lived through it!" And Becky gives a "eyes up" sigh as they turn and walk off.

So as I wade out of the masses, I have one question in mind.......WHERE IS GRANDMA?

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