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Monday, September 19, 2005

House hunting and persimmons

Sheesh........what a dilemma! As you well know, the wife and I are trying to find a new "home" .....and have been looking at houses in the area. Well, there are several things that make it doubly hard. The most prevalent is "me and her". Let me try to explain. This conversation happened this morning.

"Dear", (I always try to make things sound as good as possible), "what do you think of the Nellis house?"

"Well", she says because she always has SOMETHING she wants different, "can we change the walls on the master bedroom to include extra closet space?"

"Sure!" I say with no hesitation.

"Do we need to bring in a carpenter to check it just to be sure?" she ask.

"Don't you trust my judgment?" I asked, some what perplexed at her question.

"Well, I am some what leery of your decisions." she responds.

"Huh?" I respond. (I use this "huh" phrase a lot when discussing things with her.)

"Well," she responds, "there was the time with the persimmons!"

"Huh?" I respond again.

"You remember!" she says quite ........matter of factly.

(I always hate it when she does this ...... cause I USUALLY don't.) "Huh?" The only thing I KNOW to say! "What ARE you talking about?"

"You gave me a green persimmon to eat!" She says.

"Huh?" I ask, then clarify with, "When?"

"On our honey moon!" is her quick reply.

"Dear, that was 33 YEARS ago!" I respond "What has that got to do with TODAY?"

"Well, you KNOW how gullible I am.......How do I know you are NOT doing it again NOW?"

(I still stand, mouth agape, wondering if this is a bonifide discussion.) "Huh?" is my response.

"Well, I don't want EVERYONE thinking I am as gullible as I was back then!" she retorts.


"We need that wall moved in the laundry room so the house works for US!"


"Then the master bedroom will hold all the bedroom furniture!"


"And we can change the carpet to match the bedroom suite!"


"And if we move that door to the south a bit, it will leave ample room for the chest of draws and the hall tree! Just trust me! We need that wall moved!"

"Oh, well OK," I say without even realizing I have agreed to a hundred grand improvement on the house BEFORE we have even actually BID on it!!

I KNOW why Adam ate the apple Eve gave him!

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