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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Frannie's pie

Well today, with my sales manager in tow, I headed to work the Yates Center area again. The day was good and had several sales, but as always when in that area..........I headed to Frannies to eat lunch. (click here to reference Frannies) I even told my sales manager I would buy lunch, (I didn't tell him it was only a dollar!)

Tuesday is always a plate full of beef and noodles over mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, a slice of buttered bread and a glass of Frannies tea. Again, seasoned just right, Frannies lunch disappeared much to quickly. How ever today, I felt it was time to try Frannies pie.

I took my plate, just emptied of it's beef and noodle delicacy back to the kitchen and picked up a clean "pie plate". "Take your pick" said Frannie over her shoulder as she washed dishes. There before me was one of the toughest decisions I would make today.

The first pie was peach. Sizable peach slices floating in their own syrup on a flaky crust. Then a custard, with a crushed graham cracker crust. Next was a cinnamon apple, covered with a crispy oatmeal and brown sugar topping. A blackberry and a raspberry, both covered with a lattice work of flaky pie crust, a banana crème heaped full of banana slices and finally a pecan pie.

GOODNESS, what was a man to do?

Frannie watched as I closely checked each pie. "I have seen judges in the county fair take less time in picking a grand champion!" Frannie said as she grinned from ear to ear.

"Yeah, but they were going to get to taste each one," was my response (and somewhat plea)

"Well pick one," she demanded still grinning, "I'm afraid you're going to drool on them."

"Which one won the grand champion?" I asked to help with my decision.

"I'll tell you when you pay out" she said.

I picked a nice sized slice of the pecan and went back to my table to enjoy the pleasure of her culinary excellence. Each bite sweet and succulent. Just the right touch to a wonderful dinner. My sales manager (who selected the cinnamon apple) and I are in sharp disagreement as to which slice actually won the grand champion at the fair. Both of us feel we have selected the ultimate winner.

As we approach the culinary empress to pay for our dinner, we ask her to settle the bet. She grins, "Honey, they all have in different years" and snickers as she turns back to finish her dishes.

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