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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday afternoon

Some have suggested that I should hone my abilities and try writing a book, be an author or columnist or something. (I always enjoy hearing flattering remarks!) But I thought what the hey.... I was doing nothing other than the laundry......why not give it a try?

Well I thought I would sit down here at this computer and try to write something humorous ... I scratched my bald head ...... looked at the ceiling for a bit ..... and finally came to the conclusion, there isn't anything humorous to write about.

So being the logical person I am, I thought I would write something serious .... so I cocked my head to one side ..... took the "thinker" stance (which by the way always reminded me of a guy sitting on a commode) ..... and still nothing came to mind.

OK ..... so I'll write something thought provoking ... and I leaned back in my chair, crossed my arms and meditated for a while. (very closely resembling "vegetated") Still nothing!

How about if I just ramble a bit ...... what ever comes to mind .... let the fingers type as if by a will of their own ..... goose egg.

THEN it hit me!!!! For once I felt I was becoming a bona fide writer!!!! An author!! One read far and wide ..... famous ..... readers around the world ....

because I had "writers block"!

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