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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update ....

Well I must update my previous early morning blog-post since going to the Stockman's Cafe for some coffee.  Skip (who records daily rainfall for the local weather forecasters in Wichita) said that the "official" for Cambridge KS this past week would be over 12 inches ... over 23 inches for the month of June ..... and over 43 inches for April, May and June.  I reckon it's making up for last year.

And the weather forecast is .......

RAIN AGAIN ....... 80% on Saturday and 50% on Sunday
Well one thing about Kansas, we have great averages.  Last summer was one of the hottest and driest on record .... so far this summer, one of the wettest and coolest.  But take a governmental style statistical average .... we're perfect!
Yesterday, in my "feedsales" adventures, I had to pick and choose which road I took because of high water.  Not only the country gravel roads but also some major KS and US highways.  Low lying areas looked like lakes.  Those farmers with good bottomland for crops were wishing they had upland this year.
One rancher I was talking to, had tried to swath some hay in a low area a couple days back.  The rains came and the "babbling brook" became a "raging river" which consequentially took his windrows of hay with it.  The once straight windrows of fluffy hay were now hanging from fences and the not so low branches of trees that lined the creek.   I really didn't know what to say with such a crop loss but in the optimistic view of any rancher/farmer he replied.  "I am just hanging my hay out to dry!"
Now our average rainfall in this area is 33-35 inches a year.  That's not quite 3 inches per month.  And this year ..... just in June and not counting April and May ... (as recorded by the USGS in Elk Falls KS) we have received over 16 inches .... 10 of which came the last 7 days.  (click here if you don't believe me)
But the spirit of the KS rancher/farmer remains undaunted.  As one rancher put it, "I would much rather put in water gaps than haul water!"
However, for any who maybe reading this, if you know of a good supply of gopher wood give me a call just in case it KEEPS raining.
PS How long is a cubit?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cordless or clueless?

This last car the Warden and I purchased has keyless entry.  Now I think this is a marvelous invention!  Not only does it lock and unlock your car but also beeps the horn so you can find your car in a Wal-Mart parking lot!!  I think this technology should be added to such things as cordless phones and TV remotes!
Around the KSCowboy household there are 4 cordless phones and a TV remote (we are a technologically affluent household).  However this technology may also cause the break-up of a 35 year old marriage!!!  Let me explain.  Here is how a "typical" day happens:
6:45 AM I head out the door as the Warden sips her coffee in her easy chair.  I hand her the TV remote so she can watch the news as she relaxes.
7:00  She decides to empty the dish washer and as she is putting up the dishes, the phone rings.  The Warden answers the cordless kitchen phone and talks with her Peoria daughter as she puts the dishes in the cabinet.  Her conversation ends and she leaves the phone in the cabinet with the coffee cups.  Finished with the dishes, she returns to her easy chair for a last cup of coffee and the last segments of Fox and Friends.
7:15  the cordless phone beside her chair rings.  The Warden grabs the remote, punches the off button and proceeds with the conversation.  Its her oldest daughter who wants her to go to town with her.  The Warden says she can be at her house by 8 AM and heads to the bathroom.  She lays the TV remote in the linen closet as she grabs a towel still making plans with her daughter on the cordless phone.  Plans all made, she lays the cordless phone on the back of the commode as she steps into the shower.
7:30  the cordless phone again rings as the Warden dries her hair.  Quickly she grabs the cordless phone by the bed and discusses the days plan with her middle daughter, all the while primping in the mirror.  The days plans all discussed, the Warden lays the phone down in the dresser drawer as she grabs a pair of socks.
7:45  I call just as the Warden is walking through the living room.  She quickly picks up the cordless phone by my easy chair as she heads through the house.  I tell her I will be home around 4:30 because of a canceled meeting.  She tells me she is meeting Becky at 8 and that she is running behind.  She will be home around 5 and will call to tell me what to take out for supper.  She lays the cordless phone on the dryer as she heads out the back door.
4:15 PM I enter the house, glad to be home and ready to relax in my easy chair and watch Home Improvement which starts at 4:30.  I look for the remote by her chair.  A little miffed, I search under her chair, between the cushions, in the trash can by her chair, in the cushions of the couch, under the couch and all around the remainder of the living room.   
4:45 Steaming by now, I decide I'll just forget TV.  I walk into the office and the phone rings.  I walk to my easy chair to grab the phone.  Nothing.  I cross the room to get the one by her chair.  Nothing.  By now the phone has rang four times and I make a mad dash for the bedroom phone.  Nothing.  The phone now stops ringing and I figure the voice mail will pick up any needed message.  I return to the office, prop up my feet on the desk and see if I have any email to read.
5:00  the phone again starts ringing and I head into the bedroom rechecking each phone-less cradle, scanning dresser tops, into the living room scanning every available surface big enough to lay a phone on and finally run for the kitchen to get the last phone.  Nothing.  Red-faced, I return to my office.
5:15 the Warden enters the office and with hands on hips says, "I've been trying to call, why didn't you answer the phone?  Now supper will be late!" ........ and it's down hill from there.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My favorite grandkid

As many of you know, my family is very rapidly expanding.  I now have 8 grandkids (7 under the age of 5 1/2) 4 boys and 4 girls.  Now that's bragging rights in ANYONE'S eyes and I keep pictures on my PDA so that I can brag to anyone that feels they can challenge my rights as the most blessed man alive.
The other day I ran into a "granddad" with his grandson riding shotgun in his feed pickup.  I of course had to brag on my newest arrivals.  He too had several but then went to bragging that this one was his favorite because he was someday going to take over the family ranch.   Then he asked me a very odd question, "Which one is your favorite?"
Well now I had to stop and think about that for a few seconds.  Then starting with grandson number one I proceeded through my digital photo album to granddaughter number 8 explaining why each was my favorite.  My reasons include such descriptive adjectives as smiles, cuddling, orneriness, twinkling eyes, maturity, personality, curiosity and the list goes on.
"Yeah" he said, "but one will win your heart."
As I drove away, I was sadden to think of "limited love".  That love could be metered out or that a heart only had so much love and once it was "used up" there was no more.
Later that day I ran into another "granddad".   Anytime you get two granddads together, there is always something to talk about, so we exchanged our mutual brags.  I then shared with him the story from my former meeting.
He too shook his head in disbelief and said, "I'm sure glad I have a heart like the jar of flour and jug of oil that the widow of Zarephath had.  But then you have to believe in the Lord for it to work." 
(1 Kings 17:14-16)
As I left that grandpa I had a much better feeling for the day and knew that, even though I am the most blessed man in the world, there are some that are close seconds.