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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coffee shop talk

Several times a week I stop in at the Stockman's Cafe for coffee.  Several area ranchers, cowboys and local loafers meet there every morning before sun-up to discuss local events, politics, livestock markets, feed and fertilizer prices, the agriculture economy in general and wives.  And if it's one of those days when some area rancher is shipping cattle or processing calves, you best be there early or you don't get a chair.
Now when it comes to the presidential political race, the Stockman Cafe's caucus hasn't determined a winner yet. The only general agreement is that Hillary Clinton will not receive an endorsement. As far as the other runners, it's really a crap shot .... using real crap.
In recent weeks, with agriculture input prices reaching all time record highs and cattle prices slipping, the talk is not "if the cattle will loose money" but rather worry over how much they will loose.  Although farmers and ranchers are generally optimistic individuals the near term outlook is weighing heavily on the minds of those with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested as well as years of hard work.
But even with the turmoil in the markets the atmosphere is jovial and always light hearted.  The other morning for instance, I was a little late and was being chided for having to fix the Warden's breakfast before coming to coffee. 
One grizzled old rancher said, "around my house it's the wife who fixes breakfast.  I make sure she does every morning before I leave out."  We all sipped our coffee and admired his authoritative stance.
Then a local loafer asked, "What was for breakfast this morning?"
"Cheerios" was the response.  "But sometimes she fixes Special K."  Then he added  "And she said if I wanted a hot breakfast, she could stick it in the microwave."
So for a few moments anyway, the worries of the livestock industry gave way to grins and laughter.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tender Moments

Feeling somewhat dejected with no morning emails I went to wake the Warden this morning, knowing she could lift me from my doldrums.  As I walked to the bedroom I turned on the radio thinking also some good music would help with the low dismal feelings I was having. 
I gently touched her shoulder as is my practice to wake her each morning.  She rolled over and looked up at me.  As she blinked the sleep away from her eyes she said, "That song reminds me of you."
Well I hadn't even been listening, so I turned my attention to the radio.  They were playing a song I was unfamiliar with, "You are my dream."  A smile crossed my face as a certain amount of exuberance swept the dismal feelings from my mind.
My mind swept back though our years together; the dating, the college years, the raising of kids, the struggles to pay bills, the hard times, the good times.  I thought back over the last few weeks with the gathering of family and friends.  I thought of the laughter and joking; the hugs; the butterfly kisses of the grand kids. 
My heart now joyous. I reached down and took her hand.  "That song really makes you think of me?"  I asked to clarify my now joyous disposition, "I'm really your dream?"
"Without a doubt" she exclaimed as she rolled to her side.  "You're my worst nightmare.  Now let me sleep a little longer!"
aka known as Charlie Brown