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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tender Moments

Feeling somewhat dejected with no morning emails I went to wake the Warden this morning, knowing she could lift me from my doldrums.  As I walked to the bedroom I turned on the radio thinking also some good music would help with the low dismal feelings I was having. 
I gently touched her shoulder as is my practice to wake her each morning.  She rolled over and looked up at me.  As she blinked the sleep away from her eyes she said, "That song reminds me of you."
Well I hadn't even been listening, so I turned my attention to the radio.  They were playing a song I was unfamiliar with, "You are my dream."  A smile crossed my face as a certain amount of exuberance swept the dismal feelings from my mind.
My mind swept back though our years together; the dating, the college years, the raising of kids, the struggles to pay bills, the hard times, the good times.  I thought back over the last few weeks with the gathering of family and friends.  I thought of the laughter and joking; the hugs; the butterfly kisses of the grand kids. 
My heart now joyous. I reached down and took her hand.  "That song really makes you think of me?"  I asked to clarify my now joyous disposition, "I'm really your dream?"
"Without a doubt" she exclaimed as she rolled to her side.  "You're my worst nightmare.  Now let me sleep a little longer!"
aka known as Charlie Brown

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In_spired said...

I had some of the same "let down" feelings....nobody loves me; no e-mail. Even the bloggers have been shut down for the past couple of weeks. Guess everyone is in end-of-year recovery!

Love your little joke at the close of your post. OR....is it a joke? lol