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Monday, September 26, 2005

the old man in the mirror

This morning I got scared half out of my wits. I started to shave after my shower and there was this bald headed old man in my mirror! Now mind you, I KNEW it wasn't me, because looking from THIS side of my glasses, every thing is the same ..... (well almost!) ...... it's just the other side of my glasses that has changed!

I still have dreams and aspirations.....they are just about different things! No longer do I dream of owning a big ranch with 1000 cows ..... now I dream of pulling on my boots with out huffing and puffing. No longer do I dream of taking a full day to ride across my "spread" ......now I dream of spending all day leaned back in my recliner. No longer do I dream of walking down the street and everyone knowing MY name ...... now I dream of walking down the street REMEMBERING the name of THOSE I meet. No longer do I dream of OWNING the bank ..... now I dream of not OWING the bank. No longer do I dream of tomorrow's challenges ...... now I dream of yesterday's laughter.

And another thing I have noticed lately ...... "meaningful" things have changed. In college, it was very important that I have a comb in my back pocket. I was even known to turn the car around and drive back several miles to get one. Now I don't even have one in the house! I used to be very conscientious to make sure my shirt and wranglers were wore a certain way. Now I just want to make sure my pants are zipped. I used to enjoy a midnight snack of bean and jalapeno nachos covered with cheese, now I eat nothing without adding a Pepcid AC for flavoring. I used to check the refrigerator for fresh fruit, now I check the medicine cabinet for Metamucil.

But there is one thing I can say good about growing older ....... it's dang sure better than the alternative!


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Kathleen said...

It DOES beat the alternative. You have to remember that

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis, Somewhere I still have your refrigerator poem that you and Ruth did. How does that lovely wife of yours stand living with all your waxing poetic! Just kidding!