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Thursday, September 15, 2005

a looming crisis

Oh ...... woe is me! Today, I found out that the world is close to the end. There is nothing left to live for, Anita and Waydene have retired!

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with these two women, I will try to explain their importance to the world ecosystem. For YEARS they had run the Welch, OK Stockyard cafe. These women could COOK!

Waydene, who was almost as wide as she was tall, could make a pie worth dieing for. The meringue was high and peaked, always just right in sweetness and texture. And the filling........whether peach, pecan, persimmon or pineapple was as mouth-watering as any delicacy sold on the streets of Paris. The crust was as if made by angels ..... light, flaky and browned perfectly. There was never a better buy for a dollar and four bits, than a piece of Waydene's pie.

Anita, whose smile graced any day, was the "Rock of Gibraltar". She could smile whether she was being brandished by some self serving soul or warding off flirts from some cattle buyer away from home. What ever she brought to your table .... soup, salad or special for the day ......... it was served with grace, dignity and a smile.

Together, sister-in-laws to boot, they could put a meal on the table that was famous far and wide for culinary excellence, atmosphere and just "down home" good! It was not only good food at the Stockyards .... it was a delight to eat there!

Today, being in a hurry, I ordered a hamburger. Now, maybe the NEW owners are still wet behind the ears, ........ but the hamburger patty is not suppose to resemble a dried cow-patty ..... lettuce is suppose to be green, not brown ...... onions are suppose to be juicy, not dried out ..... and the bun should not be like leather.

Now believe me ...... I wasn't wanting to be the type that complains ...... everyone new needs a little time to get on their feet .... and after Waydene and Anita, I already assumed there would be a step down ........ but not ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the barrel!

I sure hope that Waydene and Anita will consider coming out of retirement ..... or there is going to be some REAL SKINNY cowboys running around in the Welch, OK area!

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