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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atlanta Labor Day

Last night the Warden and I took a gallon of home made ice cream and headed to Atlanta.  Each year the citizens of Atlanta host a weekend long Labor Day celebration.  People from all over come join in the revelry; Families come home to have reunions; and I go to get a bowl of ice cream! 
I written about it before on a couple of occasions:  Labor Day 2005  and Labor Day 2006
Well last night was no different from past years.  The city park was covered with people of all ages, each carrying a plate of food.  There were old timers comparing notes and seeing who could " 'member the most", grandparents showing off their grandkids, grandkids moving at sonic speed, teenage boys checking out teenage girls and the usual political wannabe's shaking a few hands.
While there I talked to Bret and Robin (I nearly shot his wife 32 years ago ... but that's another story!)  But they are a loyal Labor Day celebrationist now and return to Atlanta every year for the festivities.  Bret is also a good photographer and has recorded the celebration for several years.  Click here to see some of his pictures.
Tomorrow the Warden and I will return to Atlanta and watch the parade and visit again with old friends of by gone years.  If you want some good times .... come join us.


The Ponderer said...

I am assuming this is NOT the Atlanta most of us think of when we hear, "Atlanta". Man, was that homemade ice cream? I have not had that in a long, long time!

Jenni said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You've got to tell that story though. What a tease to just give us that much of it!

I clicked over to your friend's Flickr page. Love the photo of the big guy and the little guy together. That's priceless.