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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meeting women off the net.

Sunday I got to meet a woman that I had met "on line".  I had heard/read a lot about people meeting "on line" ... some even traveling from across the country.  Well this woman was from the Houston area .... (that's quite a haul too!) ... and was coming to the area ... so I asked the Warden if I could meet her ... and she said OK!
So Sunday after church we stopped by a family reunion and I got to meet Katy (OK, her real name is Sarah .... but seems I have a hard time remembering names ... and she is from Katy).  Anyway, she and her family were gracious enough to take a few minutes and allow me to introduce myself to her and her immediate family (Ryan, Caleb and Logan). 
She has a great blog full of pictures, news of her expanding family and the values they live by.  It's worth a read so click here and check her out.  I especially like reading her "Thankful Thursdays" ... makes me more aware of my surroundings as I should be.
I hear so much about "young people" these days and how bad the values are.  How they don't "take responsibility", how they raise their kids ... yada yada yada.  If you ever watch the TV news or read the paper, you have been deluged with how bad the world is becoming.  I don't believe it anymore than I believe in man made global warming ..... and this young family is just more PROOF.   I agree that there is plenty of bad young people out there (always have been) ... but there is a LOT of good ones too.  Come ride with me some day and I'll introduce you to some of them.
Thanks Katy, Ryan, Caleb and Logan for taking a few minutes from your reunion to meet me.  (And thanks to Mark and Karen for the invite.)
And another thought just hit me ..... having the Warden's permission to meet women "off the net" might come in REAL handy!!!


Sara said...

Thank you, Dennis, for this very sweet post. It's a great encouragement to me - there are so many times that I wonder if we're "doing right" by our boys, and all I can do is pray for the Lord's guidance and wisdom! Ryan and I cling to the Proverb that says, "train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not stray far."
We had a wonderful time up in KS this past weekend, and it was great to meet you and the Warden! Thanks again for stopping by - and you should have stayed for food, because we had PLENTY!!

The Ponderer said...

Perhaps I should warn "Katy" about meeting men on on-line. And I could tell her a thing or two about you! Good post.

In_spired said...

I've met many of the nicest people "on the net"...including the kscowboy, of course! Thanks for your visit and comment. I don't think many people will "get it" but it's encouraging to know that someone does!! Have a good day..

crabby old man said...

Yes you can meet some nice young people out there , but the liberal media hardly ever mention them.
I want to meet The Steel Magnolia, The Rollers & their families one of these days

Jenni said...

LOL, well, you've got another woman from online who'd like to meet you. I'm still looking forward to seeing you at Frontier Day and I do hope I'll get to meet the Warden, too.