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Sunday, September 14, 2008

There's no pleasing that woman....

As many of you might remember, a year ago in April the Warden embarked on a strategy to rebuild our house.  And I must admit the improvements have generally been good improvements to our living quarters and lifestyle.  However certain projects have been put aside as more pressing projects have taken the forefront.
Sometime in the midst of our kitchen remodel, the vent in the hood over the stove stopped working.  At the time I told the Warden, "I'll check it out when we get time."  Each time the Warden would cook for family or company this past year, she would reference the fact that the vent wasn't working.  And each time I proclaimed, "I'll check it out when we get time."
Well this past week the Warden said she was headed to Wichita to look at new range hoods.  That sure seemed like a waste of money to me to buy a NEW range hood, so I assured her that I would look into it before she would have to buy one ...... and Saturday I did just that.
The removing of the ailing motor took approximately 15-20 minutes.  I then made a fast trip to Wichita to buy said motor.  I retuned to reinstall said motor which took about another 15 minutes.  I stepped back in pride to observe my handiwork and turned on the switch.  The purr of the new motor was reference to man's dominion over his kingdom. 
I smiled at the Warden.
"You're done?" was her astonished response. 
"Yeah, nothing to it" I said, wanting to beat my chest and give the Tarzan yodel. 
She just stood there looking at me, hands on hips. 
"Is something wrong?" I inquired.
"I have been waiting for a year with no stove vent and it only took 30 minutes to actually FIX the thing?" she said.  More of a statement than an inquiry and with that she turned and headed out of the kitchen.
I swear, there is just no pleasing that woman.


The Ponderer said...

She doesn't understand it is FINDING those 30 minutes that is difficult. I'm on your side, Dennis. You did not include your time in driving to Wichita and back. But...you got if fixed. Great job! Now she can cook more!

Jenni said...

LOL! You mean all men are like that?

The motor in our range hood vent died a month or so ago. Only three years old! I had it on and was sitting at my kitchen desk typing away on the computer when I hear the most horrible racket coming from there followed by a sputtering and then silence. I still don't know what happened. It sounded almost like something fell down into the fan. One of the blades was broken off and it killed the motor. Now that I know how quick and easy it is to fix, I'll get Danny right on that. Too bad I didn't know about this Thursday or Friday when he was off work due to rain, but I'll keep this knowledge stored away for the next slow weekend or rainy day. Thanks for the tip!;o)

crabby old man said...

I'm going to let my BRIDE read your post & see How easy some of the honey do jobs are.
Have a nice day

In_spired said...

"First thing next week" is what I hear! week, after week, after week, after.........

Sara said...

I enjoy reading your stories! It would be fun to read what your other half would say to this particular account, though... :)
What is your email address, that I may send you the picture you requested?