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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I had a thought

This all started back in April and sounded simple at the time.  The Warden was standing in the south door of my spacious computer room, looking at the north wall which adjoined the living room.  "I had a thought."she said, then asked "Can we move that wall in by 4 feet? And close that north door?  It would add greatly to the size of the living room for family gatherings."
I quickly surveyed the room with a wary eye.  "Well we would have to move your desk and computer out, but it would work."  I responded, beginning to plan for a smaller, yet ALL MINE, private retreat.  "But I don't know how much that would cost" I added as my frugality took over my dreams of my own personal "man lair".
"I'll find a carpenter to come look at it and give us an estimate" she said as she left the room.
I said "OK."   An open ended agreement is never a good idea.
One evening that week she said the carpenter had been by to give her a bid, "The bid was so cheap, that I had a thought."  She continued "I asked him if he could also find time to put down some laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining area while he is here."
The bid wasn't bad for the two projects, so I said "OK."   This is where I should have retained a lawyer and written up a contract.
A few days later over supper, the Warden said, "I had a thought.  We could remove that fireplace and have the carpenter fix the wall at the same time."
Again I answered, "OK."  (reference here back to the lawyer contract statement)
I will shorten the story by a few pages and forget more details to the project planning.  The end result is that we have removed an unused fireplace, taken out the carpet in the dining area, taken out a bar, added cabinets for a pantry on the west wall, inserted 12 feet of new cabinets on the east wall, added a floating kitchen island, a new dishwasher, a trash compactor, new kitchen counter tops and wall to wall walnut laminate flooring with a 30 year warranty against scratches!
Wait you might ask, what happened to your computer room wall? 
There are now NO WALLS in my ex-computer room, making the living room very spacious.  Spacious enough for a new couch, two new recliners, one new straight back chair, a corner (triangle shaped) desk, two hanging lamps for reading and a 42" HD flat panel LCD TV (which I was able to negotiate in.)
But wait!  (as they say on those TV commercials)  That's not all!  We are presently waiting on an electrician to come add a new circuit to the master bath and bedroom.  There we have removed one of the two entrance doors to the bedroom and are adding a new vanity and cabinets to the master bath.
Oh!  And I almost forgot!  The roofers will be here in October to put on the new roofing with those 30 year gray Heritage shingles!
You might be wondering by now where my computer space ended up.  I will soon be sharing the Warden's "craft" room!  Sitting there on my computer amid the crochet thread, scrap-booking material and potted plant fertilizer.
I really must sign off now and start looking for the name of a good lawyer, the Warden just walked by and said, "I had a thought...."