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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sure is quiet around here

Last weekend the Warden and I went to Arkansas to visit my dad.  His 83rd birthday was coming up and that gave good reason for quick trip down to visit him and eat some cake.  While there Dad mentioned he had something he had found that Shirley might like to have.  He then gave her an article from the 1991 Winfield Daily Courier Achievement Edition that my mother had saved.
The article was about the Warden's volunteer work at our local elementary school.  She was, at the time, the president of the parent / teacher organization.  She also volunteered one afternoon a week as an aide working with the students doing what ever the teachers needed.  There were several quotes from her about the activities of the school, the aide program and the PTO organization. 
It also quoted the principal's glowing words concerning my wife and the program of which she was a part.  He mentioned how the aide program, though unpaid, was invaluable to the students. There were also some pictures of her working with the students.
The Warden then handed me the article explaining further to Dad what the PTO had achieved during those former years.  She told how the old school had been replaced and now she worked in the libraries of the new schools.  "Wow," she said looking at me, "That was a trip down memory lane."
"Sure is." was my response, pointing to a picture.  "You were a lot thinner back then."
She hasn't spoken to me much this past week ... at least not with civility.


In_spired said...

She hasn't spoken to me much this past week ... at least not with civility.

Can't blame her!

God Bless volunteers!!

The Ponderer said...

It's that cowboy logic. Might work on cattle but you must be a little more subtle with women. If you ever need advice just email me. I made that same mistake years ago.

Jenni said...

Hmmm, I think I would have slugged. The Warden sounds like a great lady--all that volunteer work and so much self restraint as well;o)

crabby old man said...

Your lucky to still be alive. I can relate to this . I had a top of the line cow dog, but she would not work for anyone but me. My wife thought I had some cattle out about 8 miles from home. She loaded the dog up (Little patch )& the dog would not help her. Though my Bride did get one in. She called me & I came home loaded the dogs & horse up a drove to the pasture, was not my cows. I told her I knew why Little Patch would not help her. She said why , I replied the female dog could read brands. I lived on the couch for a large time