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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Saturday Night at KS Cowboy's house

Time 7:15 PM Scenario: Just finishing supper

Warden: "What are you going to do tonight?"

KsCowboy: "I figured I would play on the computer tonight, chat, maybe work on scanning some more of those old pictures in."

Warden: "Well tomorrow the weather is suppose to be fairly nice, if we would both work on cleaning the house up, vacuuming, doing laundry and folding clothes tonight, then maybe we could go drive around the lake or something tomorrow."

KsCowboy: "OK" (One should never enter into an agreement that hasn't been read over by your attorney.) I go to the computer room and shut down the computer least I be tempted and return to help clear off the table. The phone rings and the warden answers giving the sign that it's our youngest daughter calling. I continue cleaning off the table, putting the various left overs into the famous plastic bowls known as Tupperware.

The warden has never missed a Tupperware party since our marriage in 1972. So we have all shapes and sizes of plastic bowls. This makes the task easy to select the right sized bowl for the selected left over. But here's the catch: you then have to find the right "burp" lid to that bowl. I have three small bowls of left overs and I begin to try to match the lids to each bowl. In the first 17 tries I find one match and quickly put that bowl into the refrigerator. I reach further back into the "Tupperware" drawer and retrieve the remaining 35 lids and begin the process of sort and match on the last two bowls.

This procedure is very close to the old game of "concentration". Remembering which combination of bowl and lid have been tried is extremely important, but alas finally another match is found and that bowl also is quickly burped and tucked into the refrigerator.

Time 7:42 PM Scenario: One bowl of tupperized leftovers and 57 lids strewn across the floor.

The warden, still talking on phone to daughter, mouths that she doesn't have a lid anymore for that style bowl and hands me another bowl to retupperize the leftover. She points to lid on the floor then quickly returns to giving motherly advice to the daughter. The lid doesn't fit. I am not a statistician, but I do believe the chances of getting the lottery numbers correct are almost the same as selecting a correct Tupperware lid and matching bowl on one try.

Time 7:58 PM Scenario: All leftovers tupperized, remaining 56 lids back in drawer, table cleaned off, stove clean, dishwasher ready to run....warden hangs up the phone.
Warden "I'll put on another load of clothes and start the dyer, if you get the sheets off the beds."

KsCowboy "OK" (refer to above statement concerning agreements and attorney)

Time 8:02 PM Scenario: KsCowboy with arm load of sheets and Warden answering the ringing phone.

Warden mouths that it is her sister Helen and that she didn't finish with the laundry.

Now Helen is a wonderful sister-in-law who calls very seldom, but when she calls she does want to cover each event (in detail) that has happened in her life since the last call.

KsCowboy empties dryer, loads the contents from the washer into dryer, starts both machines, carries the dry clothes to the guest bedroom to fold and fold and fold until the sound of the dryer buzzer is heard. The above procedure is repeated several times.

Time 9:22 PM Scenario: Last load of clothes almost folded. Warden hangs up the phone and says "All we like is vacuuming the floors and remaking the beds. I'll do the beds, you do the floors."

KsCowboy "OK" (reference the attorney statement again)

Time 9:24 PM Scenario: Phone ringing, Warden answering.

KsCowboy vacuums proudly with his Dyson "animal", under beds, into corners and completes the job in record time. Seeing the Warden is still on the phone, begins to make back up the bed with clean bedding.

Time 10:10 PM Scenario: KsCowboy fixing the auto coffee for morning brewing, Warden hanging up phone.

Warden "See how much faster things go when we work together?'

Oh well.......that's life

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