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Sunday, July 17, 2005


I have been doing some research on investing: stock market, mutual funds, bonds, Certificate of Deposits, land developments, real estate, futures, etc. ( I mean at 53, it's about time to start ...... right?) And guess what I have found out? There are so many ways to double (maybe even triple) my money in 6 months or less!

I have been so worried about retirement ..... and there is no need! Simply type in "retirement" to any search engine and POOF ..... there are LOADS of plans, suggestions, testimonials, proposals, propositions, recommendations, approaches and opinions! I should be able to retire by the age of 54 with no problems!

The best deal I have found, however, is a guy in AZ with some swampland! Can you imagine how scarce a commodity that is? It's almost priceless! Swampland in a desert! He figures I can make 30 to 40 percent on my investment in less than a week! (I figure it will be MUCH more than that!) And he is so nice and helpful! He even said he would fore go the normal closure fees just to help me out. I just don't see how he is going to make any money on this deal......... it's a steal!

Actually (and to be truthful) I figure the only way I will be able to retire before I am 95 is to win the lottery! But what really bugs me, is that I could have bought Wal-Mart stock 30 years ago and been a millionaire.......or Texas Instruments 20 years ago ...... or Microsoft 10 years ago ..... or Yahoo 5 years ago .... or ......and that is where I get to. What should I invest in today that will make me a millionaire in 10 years or less, so I can retire? Cause, guess what ..... there is SOMEONE out there who WILL make it.

That is the advantage of the "free market" (Capitalistic) system that we live in ...... irregardless of what Hillary Clinton (and her Socialistic friends) tells you. Politically speaking, why ask the government to supply my retirement in the form of social security taxes when (if they would let me have my own money) the free market does so much better?

Think about it

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