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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where is my underwear?

As most of you know, we just finished the process of moving. We first moved the necessities to a rent house back in August. Occasionally bringing a few odds and ends over during our three-month stay in the rent house and finally bringing the rest this last week.

Wow do we have a bunch of "stuff"! And since we didn’t NEED it for the last three months ……… chances are, we really DON’T need it! But none the less, the house is full of boxes, which, herein lies the problem, which box has what I am really looking for?

You know, when you are packing, it looks pretty simple ….. you just write on the box what is in it. But, usually before you close and tape the box……..there is a little room so, you grab a couple of things and put it in there too.

OK, now we are several days later (or maybe months) and you decide to look for something specific. First you begin my looking at box labels …… all 2653 of them. Of course you find NO labels that tell you what you want. Afterall, you wouldn’t write "underwear" on the outside of the box!

So, you start opening boxes ….. cutting tape …. peering in boxes. Now this is sort of like playing the game concentration (or which lid fits in Tupperware). You try desperately to remember WHAT box certain articles are in. However my friend, that is an impossibility.

And what about ALL the stuff that has been through the last several moves and never used? Sentimental value you realize.

During moving times like these, I have to think of the nomadic American Indian. Can you imagine what that was like? Moving EVERYTHING you owned on the back of one horse and a travois? I figure it probably went something like this:

Squaw: "Chief, have you packed my buffalo bone needles?"
Chief: "No dear, we will get you some new ones at the next camp."
Squaw: "But those were given to me by my mother!"
Chief: "Will they sew any different?"
Squaw: "Well, I don’t use them!"
Chief: "Why not?"
Squaw: "They are for sentimental value."
Chief: "There can not be anything sentimental that came from Screeching Owl."
Squaw: "Her name was Mourning Dove!"
Chief: "Oh yeah. OK, I’ll put them on."
Chief dutifully finds a spot under the lashings of the travois when Squaw returns with four large rocks.
Chief: "Why are you packing rocks?"
Squaw: "These are rocks that our children etched pictures on and go at the entrance to the teepee for everyone to see. This one is by Chief Junior, this one from Bear Paw, this one from White Dove and this last one from Party Night. *"
*Editors note: Remember that American Indians named their children by what had inspired them before conception.
Chief: "Dear if you keep bringing stuff, I am going to have to get another travois!"
Squaw: "Chief, just pack it!"
Chief: "Yes dear."

And so goes life. I sure hope we soon find my underwear soon, especially the long handles!

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