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Friday, December 1, 2006

Cold Weather and the Warden

Last week here in KS we set record high temperatures, sit on the front porch and griped because it was so hot.  This week we set record low temperatures and hunted for our long handles.  But I guess that .....on the average we've had perfect temperatures!
None-the-less, nothing ever breaks down until it is needed.  Yesterday the Warden called on my cell and said something was wrong with the heater and she could barely heat the house past 60 degrees.  Well now there wasn't much I could do from where I was at, so she called a heating and cooling guy out to fix it.  He said there was some sort of switch burned out and he needed to get parts so it might be a day or two.  So the Warden packed her bags and headed over to the daughters house to get warm.
Now this just kind of shows how "modern conveniences" affects us.  Back home on the farm, the Warden was one tough lady!  I've seen her bed sows in a blizzard!  Carry bales of straw to the sow pens when the snow was near waist deep just to keep them warm at night.
Thaw out frozen automatic waters for the hogs to drink!   She might take hours in the freezing wind working with hot water, torches or electric heaters just to get water flowing again for the pigs.
She would carry feed through snow drifts for the sows!  She could carry two 25 lb buckets of feed at a time and sometimes had to make 5 or 6 trips just to get everything fed, but she didn't give up!  She just hunkered down and went after it till the job was done!
She could castrate a farrowing of pigs in a matter of minutes.  Cold weather or hot, she just got the job done.  (Side note here:  She was so good at castrating, I dang sure wouldn't go to sleep before she did if we ever had a fight!!)
She would cut and split wood for the wood stove when the temperatures were falling below zero!  She could split a rick of wood in less than an hour, unless it was hedge.  Let alone bringing in frozen clothes off the clothesline!
But when we moved to town and she found out about "central heat" and "clothes-driers", well it's just made her plenty soft in her "mature years".  I reckon I should move her back to the country to help toughen her up again.  What do you think? Leave me a comment below if you agree so I can show her.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like she more than earned some soft and comfortable years! Take her out for supper!

Gaye said...

Do I detect a little jealousy here? At that daughter's house are also grandkids, and who doesn't like a sleepover with the grands! Go for it Warden!

Dar "The Queen" Halton said...

Obviously, Mr Cowboy Dude, You are not thinking clearly at all. Surely you yourself have one of those soft, cushy, kick yer feet up, lazy boy type recliner chairs??

Not to mention other essentials like an indoor bathroom, microwaveable snack foods, the list goes on . . . And I know for Dang sure you aint about to give up that most precious "REMOTE"!!!

So, hush up now!

Paul Decelles said...

Nope I don't agree with you...and if she's good at castrating maybe you shouldn't show her your post. **eg**

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you need to soften up a little.

I tell you one thing - us gals are going to stick together on this one....?