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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Last Blog and Testament

Well folks I just thought I had a cold, that is till I read The Drudge Report this morning!  It quoted a Washington Post article entitled ....
"Virus Starts Like a Cold But Can Turn Into a Killer"
Now naturally I had to read THAT one ... seeing as how my well being might be in jeopardy!
There they quoted an expert in infectious diseases, a David N. Gilbert (now it doesn't mention him being a doctor .... but I assume he is ... or possibly a local quack ... but none the less).  He had noticed an unusual number of patients, "including young, vigorous adults" were coming down with pneumonia. 
The article went on to quote Gilbert ..."What was so striking was to see patients who were otherwise healthy be just devastated," Gilbert said. Within a day or two of developing a cough and high fever, some were so sick they would arrive at the emergency room gasping for air.  My symptoms exactly!  (well except for the emergency room)  When I woke the Warden this morning to tell her I was sick .... she said, "take a couple aspirin and wake me in the morning".  She has a terrible bedside manner.
As I read more of the article it stated, "1,035 Americans in four states have been infected so far this year by the virus".  That number has increased to 1,036 because there is no doubt in MY mind that I got it!
Then the article quoted a CDC disease investigator and said, "What people need to understand is that there is a virus out there that can make you very, very sick," Su said.  (No S*** Sherlock!) "If you have a bad cold and your symptoms keep getting worse, go see your doctor. (This man is an utter genius!) This is nothing to be necessarily alarmed about." (Then why the article?) 
The article even quoted a survivor.  "At first I thought it was just the flu," Spencer said. "But then it was the worst feeling I ever had. I felt so miserable. I really felt like I was dying."  Yep, that's my symptoms!  And he spent 8 weeks in the hospital with it.  I better call Fred and ask for the day off!
The article concluded,  "Are we going to have another huge outbreak, or will it disappear?" Gilbert said. "We just don't know."  Well I'm sure glad he cleared that up for me!
So if in the next few days you read of my demise, you can tell the Warden she should have been more sympathetic to me because I had the "adenovirus".


Anonymous said...

At least Trisha is immune! ("young, vigorous adults" were coming down with pneumonia")

Susie (Trisha's parole officer)

Gaye said...

Why is it when a man gets sick----
1. He has to make everyone aware of it and wants lots of extra TLC.
2. It is always the worst and he thinks he is probably dying!

Just kiddin', hope you feel better.
Glad to see Shirley is now in the picture with you! Makes a much prettier picture!

Anonymous said...

Is the Drudge what I have? Attacking the young and vigorous as it is! And I am able to keep up with the young whippersnappers at McD's (including Susie!), and in my own home as we party until midnight.

FYI - "Whippersnapper" is a somewhat archaic term, rarely heard today outside of movies, and then usually from the mouth of a character PORTRAYED as chronologically-challenged and hopelessly old-fashioned to boot. A "whippersnapper" is an impertinent young person whose lack of proper respect for the older generation is matched only by his/her laziness and lack of motivation to better himself.


crabby old man said...

About the title WARDEN I've been a inmate for nearly 41 years. In solitary a few times for various reasons.
Enjoyed your blog