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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Writers Block

It's been a while since I had a post.  To those of you who wrote concerned with my well being, I thank you for your concern.  To those of you who thought maybe aliens had abducted me, nope, I'm still here.  And to those of you who think I AM an alien, the jury is still out on that one.  I'm just experiencing a bad case of "writers block".  I can't seem to come up with anything to write about, idea to expound on and even the Warden has been being nice to me for a change.


I have considered topics with such titles as "Spring Fever or Spring Fervor", "The Political Abyss", "Coffee Shop Blues", "Truth and Consequences", "Buy a Beef; Get a Free Chicken" to mention a few.  However, after selecting the title and rewriting the first paragraph a dozen or so times, I'd just give up.  The words just wouldn't roll.


Now this is concerning to me because I'm a salesman by trade and any salesman at a loss of words and ideas soon get's hungry!   I have to have an idea to take to a producer based on what I know is important to him; pique his interest with particulars, information or details; and then convince him my products will adequately satisfy his situation.  


Actually the same thing has to happen when writing a blog if the reader is to finish reading the story and come back.  There in lies the problem: I don't know what's important to the readers of this blog.  Therefore I use the "shotgun" approach hoping that one shot will hit the bull's eye occasionally.  (And there is no greater example of the shotgun approach than this blog!)


I have written a wide variety of stories; some truthful, some emotional, some with embellished facts and some total fabrications.  I have written concerning politics, work experiences, friends, family and marriage.  I have written at times to try to rouse sentiment and thought; to generate comedy and delight; and at times to create a testimonial with absurdity or wittiness.


Now comes the reason for this blog (as in the sales cycle, you ask for the order).  I am asking for your help; please leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog so that I might write things that are more fitting to your desires.



Patricia said...

I, for one, have enjoyed the wide variety of all the kinds you mentioned in your blogs. Your embellishment on things that have happened to you usually have me in stitiches.

MUD said...

Writers write and readers read. I'm not sure what to write so I just write and put it down on paper. Do you travel much in Kansas? How about some pictures of places like Cottonwood Falls, the flint hills, the prairie near where you go. I am about to post about the Garden store we passed by Leroy, KS. Once you start worrying about what to write it will escape you. Where did you have your morning coffee? We tried Aunt Emma's in Neodesha and wound up at Carries place by the RR Tracks. Great food, good company but way too much cigarette smoke. MUD

Jenni said...

MUD is right. You just write it and we will read it. The thing I love most about my favorite blogs is that the people who write them are so genuine, so real. They are all so vastly different. They may be like me in many ways or we may have nothing in common. What intrigues me is their story, no matter what it is. I like to see things from someone else's eyes. It helps me to understand my fellow man.

Things I think I'd like to hear you write about? Tell us about your job. I think you said you're a feed salesman or something along those lines. Where does your work take you? What interesting things do you see along the way? What interesting characters do you meet? I loved the post I read about everyone sitting around the cafe. Write about those conversations. Tell us what you love about where you live and what you do. Pretend we're sitting in that cafe with you having a cup of coffee.

BTW, I'm so glad to see a post here! I know people get busy with life, so I didn't want to nag you to post. I sure have been hoping you would write soon, though.