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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Big bowl of tallerina ..... $20
Hot rolls and a salad ....  $10
3 Butterscotch pies   ..... $ 5 /ea
Birthday Cards          ....  $ 2 /ea
Surprise birthday party with a family tribute to dear ole dad ..... priceless!!!!
My girls and the Warden pulled a fast one on me last night.  Since baby Ruth (my youngest daughter ... not the candy bar) has been down visiting for a couple weeks, they decided to celebrate my birthday a little early before Ruth went home.  Last night under the guise of a family gathering at the middle daughters house, they completely caught me off guard with a surprise birthday party a couple weeks early.  There was my favorite dish tallerina ... hot rolls .... salad and the Warden even made me some butterscotch pies! 
After supper we had a family singing, which is one of my favorite pastimes and I didn't even have to beg!!  Each of my girls have tremendous vocal talent, so anytime I get a chance, I want to hear them sing .... but usually it's a little hard to get them all together to sing.  Then the older grands all had some songs they wanted to sing for Pappy, it was quite a performance!  There were cowboy songs, truck driving songs and a couple gospel hymns.  Proud Pappy couldn't have buttoned his shirt after it was over.
Then each of my girls read letters they had written about childhood memories, values they had learned while growing up and some funny things they remembered.  Even if they didn't bring a crown, I felt like a king .... actually, a crown wouldn't have fit because my head was swelled so much.
It just don't get better than this! 
(There's a couple pieces of pie left ... I think I'll go get me a piece now)


Sara said...

How fabulous! This is quite a memory to treasure!
Happy early birthday!

In_spired said...

a couple weeks early

Gosh...that almost hits MY birthday!!

Happy Birthday, lest I forget!!

...a memory maker!!

Jenni said...

A very merry unbirthday to you! It sounds like the perfect celebration.

I've never heard of tallerina *or* butterscotch pie. The pie I can imagine, but I'll have to go back and click that tallerina link.

MUD said...

One year we were in Arkansas on a vacation and near the last day the women made Arkansas Hash. It was basically everything left over in one electric skillet. Other than baking and the cheese on top, the recipie was a lot like tallerina. I'm sure that I would love it your way.
If I could give my wife only one gift, it would be the ability to sing. She doesn't mind listening to others but she doesn't sing. To grow up in a house where no one sings is to me a shame. Sounds like you have a fine family. MUD

crabby old man said...


Gaye said...

I can imagine the laughter and the love going on in that house! Happy Birthday Dennis. God has blessed you, all!

The Ponderer said...

Great post, Dennis. You have a measure of wealth that Obama can't spread around! This type HAS to be created.