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Friday, June 10, 2005

Reviving the Peace Lilly

Not much really going on to write about, but thought I would fill you in on the latest near catastrophe. Since is the wife is gone, naturally I have to take on the watering of the flowers. We have had a lot of rain, so those outside have been no problem......but there are some on the front porch which don't have access to the rainfall .... but I have been diligent to water then a couple times a week. GOOD job Dennis!!

However, the other night she happen to ask over the phone about the "Peace Lilly" ....."Which one is that?" I ask with glee knowing that I would be able to describe it's flourishing beauty.

"The one in the guest bedroom" she responded.

GASP! "Fine" I lied as I walked to the bedroom to take a look. I continued the small talk about training the new guy as I peered around the door of the bedroom. There was the remains of the flower in question ..... limp as a noodle hanging down over the flower pot rather than the majestic deep green erect foliage of a couple weeks ago. I ended the conversation quickly saying that I was headed to bed. In reality, I was quickly determining which lawyer would be best for negotiating my divorce settlement.

I hit the internet for looking for SOMETHING about Peace Lilies (you wouldn't BELIEVE the things that show up on a Google search if you happen to misspell peace......but that's another story) Anyway, I did find some good information on one web sight and quickly put the "water-denied" flower into the soil-istic emergency room. That was Wednesday night and today it is finally standing erect. Now I just got to figure out how to turn it that deep rich green again!!! The flower is suppose to be a pale yellow......not the leaves!

I hope things are good in your world

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