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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ignore the headlines in the Burden paper

This is going to be a little tough to explain …. But keep these facts in mind.

  • We are partially moved which means part of our clothes are in Oswego and part in Burden.
  • This is the first cold morning of fall.
  • A cat and coon fight requires immediate attention.

When I first got up this morning, I dug through my drawers looking for a pair of sweats. Finding none I opted for a pair of shorts and then I turned up the thermostat just to take the chill off the house. It was dang chilly! Then I sit down and started sipping my hot coffee in hopes of getting rid of my goose bumps!

Then I heard a big commotion out in the alley. A cat screaming and growling. Fearing for my cat’s welfare I peered out the window and seen Salem face to face with a big boar coon! Now Salem is a big cat, but no where close to a match for a coon.

So being the “concerned pet owner” that I am I decided to run the coon off. Well, it’s cold remember and all my stuff is in the closet in Oswego, so I grab the wife’s robe and slip on her fluffy house slippers. Now her robe isn’t one of them real gaudy women’s things …… but definitely feminine in design.

Anyway, now covered to prevent hypothermia, I set out to rescue Salem. As I round the corner of the house, the coon starts going on down the ally. Salem, being the territorial feline that he is, gives chase and tackles the coon. Again more squalls, snarls and screams that could wake the dead.

I break into a run to again scare off the coon. He scares and Salem again gives pursuit. By now we are five blocks from the house and I am getting tired of running so I holler a little myself. I honestly hadn’t noticed I was that loud, but somebody must have alerted the city marshal of a possible prowler.

Just as I come to the street, (figuring that walking home on the street is better than the alley) the marshal drives alongside and stops me right under a street light! At first his look was one of concern but as he recognized me, it turned to laughter. A snicker or a smile would have sufficed but the rolling HAW HAW’s woke more people that Salem and I did. If that marshal says one word about this down at the coffee shop, I swear I’ll never vote for him again!

And someday soon I am gonna take ole Salem to the pound and get me a dog!

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Anonymous said...

See, I knew you'd come around daddy! Dogs are alot more useful than cats!