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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Tonight I went to watch a movie on TV, turned it on and could hardly see through the sticky handprints on the screen. Seems they are left over from when the grandsons visited a couple of weeks ago. Give a toddler a chocolate chip cookie and they can put more handprints on things than you can clean in a month! But that got me to thinking, not about cleaning the TV screen, but about fingerprints.

Fingerprints have been used by law enforcement agencies for years now. Many convictions have been made on criminals because of the fingerprints that have been left behind at the scene of the crime. I am told they use extreme diligence in working a crime scene to get evidence of who was involved. (Now I am no FBI agent, but I could tell real easy whose prints were on my TV screen!)

Also I am told that on one of the greatest paintings of all times, a close examination can reveal the painters fingerprints caught in the paint as he worked to make each brush stroke in a proper manner. Now, that would be conjecture of course, since the artist is long since dead. (Probably was fingerprints from some redneck like me who walked up and said “Is that paint still wet?”)

But, have you ever considered the fingerprints you’ve left on someone’s heart? Could it have been used as evidence to a crime? Or would they have been interesting part of a masterpiece seen throughout the ages?


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grannEEnumnum1 said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this one. It is relevant to things that have been on my mind lately.
Thank you for being there.