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Monday, February 27, 2006

Combat Duty

Becky called last week and ask if we could keep Luke on Sunday afternoon so she could take the two older ones to the Sunday Matinee. The Warden said “Sure”. Then Sunday after church as we were loading his stuff, the Warden decided we might as well take Aaron also. Ok, we’ve had combat experience, so why not take them both, I thought to myself.

Well, first off, the worst of it was getting the last minute instructions from “the moms”; “they have to have vegetables”, “these kids don’t watch TV”, “make sure they have a nap”. You would have thought we had never raised kids! The main thing I wanted was instructions on how to put in those dang car seats! But finally we were ready to leave the parking lot with the munchkins strapped in tight and their mothers hanging on to the car door.

Our first order of business was to keep the munchkins awake until we could get home and eat dinner. So the Warden and I sang songs and the kids sit there wide eyed listening and grinning. I have to admit I was sort of grinning too. It’s been a long time since I sang such songs as “The Wheels on the Bus”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Patty Cake”.

Then about half way home, the car filled with fumes. My eyes crossed and almost watered! I looked in the mirror to see if I could tell which had just filled his britches, but all I could see was two sets of innocent eyes looking back. Good thing the weather wasn’t too cold to prevent rolling down the window for some fresh air.

We got home and ate some dinner and the boys ate real good. We even took some pictures as proof we had indeed fed them some vegetables! (Next time it’s going to be ice cream and cookies!)

After our naps, we all went out for a walk. Ok, we strolled in a straight line and the boys ran circles. I just wish I could understand “munchkin-ese”. They were constantly pointing at something and muttering, at which I had no idea what they were saying. But we explored the neighborhood anyway, eyes wide and searching. Too bad that us grown-ups don’t view our everyday surroundings with such desire.

We took them to their various mothers later in the afternoon, uncorrupted by the way. I reckon we passed the tests. (If you want proof that we didn’t just lock them in a room CLICK HERE and then CLICK HERE)

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