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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Frozen Toast

What is this world coming to?

More and more families are requiring two incomes to meet their wants. And this results in every one wanting something fast: Instant coffee. Powdered eggs. Dry milk. Canned biscuits. Potato flakes. Two minute oatmeal. It would seem that people have sacrificed the family breakfast and “taste” for “convenience”.

All fast food joints are fixing something for breakfast now days. Some of the subsistence victuals include such things as sausage and egg biscuits, breakfast burritos, breakfast wraps, etc. You drive up to the window, grab the bag from the extended arm and head down the road.

Even the convenience stores are offering things you can grab and stick in a microwave while you get your coffee and gas. In my case, what I pick up to eat usually produces it’s OWN gas…but that is a different story that we won’t go into at this time.

But the other day I seen the ultimate commercial. They were reaching out to “re-gain” family values. Trying to reach back in time when the family gathered around the table before starting the day. The time when each person told of their daily plans and their time to return home.

Having grown up in a family that always ate breakfast; a tradition I brought to my own family, this caught my interest. I was actually looking forward to this new convenience that would bring back the family breakfast.

Frozen Toast! Just unwrap the individually packaged toast slices, pop it in the toaster and in seconds you had TOAST! Just add butter, margarine, jelly or any of your favorite spreads and enjoy the down home taste.

This took a few minutes to soak into my brain. (Actually it took longer than making frozen toast into toast!)

How can ANYONE be stupid enough to purchase such a product? Surely they did some sort of market research before trying to distribute such a product! After thinking about it for a while, I even felt sorry for the person who put his enthusiastic sales pitch on the commercial!

If this product is around a month from now, I am going to start selling horse manure! I may even go to a pick your own! And what’s even better, I can charge the stable owner for cleaning his stable and make money both ways!

P. T. Barnum said once, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

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