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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Valentine Cycle

Valentines Day is known for two things; Love and the St. Valentines Day massacre! (One of the theories was that the slain mobster’s wife had set up the massacre after her mobster husband forgot to bring her a card! However, that was never proven.)

But, along a lighter side, have you noticed the valentine cycle over the years? For instance, as a child you got out your paper and red crayons and did your best to draw a red heart on it. Then you had some one write “I Love You” on a separate piece of paper so you could copy it into the heart. It was then hung on the refrigerator door by your mom and grandmothers to show everyone your perfect artistic skills.

Then in grade school, there was the package of cards that could be bought and you wrote your name on it and gave to each kid in your class (and maybe held on to one or two for “special” friends and mom). Usually, there was even a contest on who could make the “prettiest” box to receive each other’s “Be My Valentine” cards. A dollar bought 50 valentines.

Then came high school and you went to the drug store to pick out a single Hallmark card for that VERY special valentine. You had to do a little more searching cause these had verses that actually rhymed and you wanted them to say JUST the right thing. And that single card cost a couple of dollars.

The next stage was the “young adult” where not only a card was necessary for that “special someone”, but a long stemmed red rose or a teddy bear was also included. The cost is now up to 25 bucks but well worth the smile!

Valentines Day again changes over the next few years as it includes a card, a teddy bear and flowers, a dinner, a movie and the cost of a baby sitter for the evening! It now takes a credit card to pay cause you don’t carry enough cash in your pocket!

Then you watch as a spectator as the cycle takes shape in your house. The hand written hearts appear on refrigerator doors, the grade school bag of valentines, the boys showing up with a Hallmark hidden behind their backs and finally the teddy bear or flowers begin to arrive. Maybe you get to hear about their “night away from the babies”.

Well tonight as I walked by the refrigerator, there on the door was a hand drawn heart.

A Hallmark Card ……. $ 3.00
A Teddy Bear ………. $10.00
A bouquet of flowers … $25.00
A hand drawn heart …… priceless.


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