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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Let me tell you about my Dad

I have often spoken of Cowboys being my heroes as I was growing up and how they (whether fictional or real) had influenced my life. But I want to tell you about the man who had the greatest single influence on my life. Let me tell you a little bit about my Dad.

My dad taught me personal responsibility. If you took a job, do the work. Don’t do it in a haphazard way, do your best. If you made a mistake, own up to it. Don’t lay it off on someone else. If you owed a debt, pay it. Don’t expect someone else to cover for you.

Another thing my Dad taught me, was not to worry, either fix it or forget it. I’ve never seen the man “worry”. Oh yeah, I’ve seen him “fret and stew” over a few things and how he was going to handle it. Then I’ve seen him shoulder the problem and fix it or he’d let nature run its course and forget about it.

He taught me the importance of money. It wasn’t important about the amount you had in the bank. But it was important what you did with the amount you had there. As a family, some would have called us poor but we didn’t KNOW it. All of our “needs” were far more than met.

Dad was the smartest man I ever knew. No, he wasn’t a Rhodes Scholar nor did he have a degree from Harvard, he had that “common ole horse sense”. Now I have to admit here, there was a time in my teenage years that I wouldn’t have said that. But when I left home and got off on my own, I found out how right he had been.

Dad taught me about a handshake. Truly one of the greatest lessons I have learned in life. A handshake will tell you the measure of a man. If you can’t shake a man’s hand with respect, then don’t shake his hand.

Dad taught me about pride. Not the pride of the “high and mighty” but to take pride in who you are and what you believe in. You’re reputation is your greatest asset.

Now keep in mind that every time I said “Dad taught”, he didn’t set down with pencil and paper or a book to teach me a lesson. He taught me by being a living example in all these area’s and more. Thanks Dad for being the living lesson and example.

My Dad is the greatest of all my “heroes”. Happy Father’s day Dad.

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Gaye said...

This reminds me of my dad. He is every bit a true cowboy of a bygone era. He also taught by actions much more than words ever could. Thanks for being able to put in words what so many of us feel.