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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Seeing Clearly Now

This just hasn’t been my summer: hitting the hog in June; shingles in July; gallbladder surgery in August; and now this! You the reader are getting the final few words of my existence.

Last night I was feeling a little "punky" and fell asleep in my chair. The Warden woke me sometime later and said I needed to go to bed. (Does it ever make sense to wake someone up to go to bed?)

This morning I got up and started feeling around in the dark trying to find my glasses since the Warden is a little "touchy" if I turn on the lights at 3:30 AM! Well I finally found them and strolled into the kitchen to start the coffee.

Dang I couldn’t focus. I rubbed my eyes and even put in drops to get the "fuzz" out of them. When I opened the refrigerator the whole thing seemed to move and sway. I got rather queasy and thought I was about to upchuck. I even sit down on the floor till things stopped swaying quite so bad.

I hate having that dang flu. It comes on so suddenly! I haven’t had the stuff in years. It was all I could do to get the coffee made before I fell over!

Then I came to the computer to get my email. I was so dizzy I could barely make the mouse work.No way could I even focus the computer screen well enough to read the few emails I had. Finally I gave up and went into the living room and my easy chair to die. I sat there with my eyes closed and tried to take my mind off my swirling stomach.

I know this is to be my last day on planet earth. There is no way I am going to survive.It has taken three attempts to get back to my computer to record my final moments. But I have finally persevered. Here I sit, my head leaned back and trying in vain to focus on one spot on the ceiling, I must get my "Last Will and Testament" written before it's to late. Slowly adding one or two words to this, my final blog.

I can now hear the Warden stirring in her room. I sure hope that maybe she will have compassion on her dying husband.

Well she just stuck her head in the door of the computer room and said, "Why are you wearing my glasses? Here are yours!"

Well, turns out I am not sick after all.
Dang! Now I got to go to work!
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Trisha Wright said...

Dennis, You are so funny! Trisha

Anonymous said...

that was so funny