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Sunday, July 8, 2007

A house full of kids

Yesterday I made a flying roundtrip to Columbia, MO to pick up Ruth and my newest granddaughter Tess (who are going to spend a weeklong vacation with us). Upon our return, we found the rest of the clan waiting, a welcome home and a house full of kids. So I beg of you at this time (as Paul did the Corinthian church), let me "do a little bragging". As I wrote in an earlier brag blog, let me tell you about my favorite grandkid.
The oldest and boldest.

Andrew and Faith (both 5 going on 25), being the oldest siblings of their respective clans, have most of the answers to the worlds problems. They of course can make these decisions based on their extensive life experiences. Their only need of the adult world is for the adult to reach something on the top shelf or to drive since they don't have their license yet..
Double trouble.

Aaron and Luke, (both 2) are constantly looking for something to get into.  The family can be sitting and visiting when the question arises, "Where's Luke?"  This is immediately followed by, "Where's Aaron?" (those two questions are interchangeable in order). Then there is an immediate flurry of activity, very similar to the flush of a covey of quail, as everyone scatters to find where the two are and what they are up to.
Weesome threesome.

Adah, Micah and Tess (10 months to 2 months) are of course still in the limelight with snuggles, coos and dirty diapers.  In each case, personalities are beginning to emerge.  I theorize them this way; Adah, wide-eyed and observant as if to say "Mama, did you see what they did?"  Micah, smiling and always looking around to see where the others are, "It's OK mom, I survived the last time!"  And Tess who lives the furthest from the group, quiet with wondering eyes, "Mom, are you sure I am kin to them?"
My oldest grandson Jacob (17) was unavailable, so he gets to escape this blogging!
Dennis (and proud Pappy)
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Gaye said...

This has to be one of my favorites!
Helps me keep up with all those "grands" of yours! Just remember not to pop off too many buttons when you are being that proud pappy!