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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A rare opportunity

Well as many of you know, the Warden and I undertook some remodeling this past few months.  What started out as a very simple suggestion ended up as a major undertaking.  But with the end at least in sight .. the finished product does enhance the needs of our growing family, especially during a family gathering.  We plan to put it to use this next week when kids, family and friends all gather around the turkey and dressing.  At last report, there is suppose to be 22 here for dinner!  (sure hope the Warden has enough turkey!)
But one of the major improvements in the reconstruction phase, was the addition of the "Man Lair".  (that's lair not liar!)  As you well know, I lost my "office" in the expansion phase of the living-room and was destined to a corner nook there.  However I stood my ground (ok, so I begged, pleaded and groveled .. but it still worked) and took over the Warden's craft room.
Once inside the steel reinforced door, (which requires voice recognition, retina scans and finger prints to open) the room is filled with study books of all kinds, scanners, 2 printers and 3 computers all hooked together on a wireless network with an open end to the world wide web via a cable modem.  (click here for a rare opportunity to view inside)  My new Toshiba laptop (with Home Vista) has an additional 22 inch widescreen monitor (where I can now blow-up things enough for me to actually read!)  This bunker has been well designed to help promote digital creativity (as well as a hideout when the Warden has something for me to do!)

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