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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reflective mood

Sometimes a guy has to sit and reflect on life; what's really important; things or events that have shaped his/her status in life; dreams of things to come.  And here at Thanksgiving, those things are more apt to come to mind ..... even though they should continually be there.  This was unexpectedly emphasized to me the other night by the Warden.
We went out for supper and were doing the normal man/wife chat, you know the drill: what bills are we going to be able to pay; taxes are due; work problems; somebody died; what needs fixing around the house; the noise the car is making; etc etc. Then I noticed an older couple across the restaurant from us.
"Sug," I said, (I always say Sug when I want her to hold on to my every word) "Look at that older couple over there" nodding my head to the side so as not to stare.  "That'll be us in another 10 or 15 years."
I looked at the Warden thoughtfully and said, "They are probably reflecting on the years they have had or making plans for their remaining years."
"Just think of the changes they have seen in their lives.  The dreams that have come to fruition.  The plans that became unattainable or unimportant."  I continued with my reflection, "they've probably seen a world of change since they started out; social changes, political changes, technological changes."
"When their kids were born, they probably didn't worry as much about stuff as people have to now"  I resumed after a short pause.  "They've probably watched their kids grow up and leave the nest to start their own families.  They probably don't have a real worry anymore."
I ended my observation with a firm tone.  "They're probably just enjoying their station in life now, going over how things have come together for them and all their blessings.  They've got it made!  Not a worry in the world!" 
"Dear," the Warden said as she took another bite of her supper, "you best clean your glasses and take another look.  That wall across the restaurant is a mirror and you are looking at us."
nuff said

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