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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boots spurs and tennis shoes

Yesterday morning at the coffee shop, after the "how much rain did we get" report was over, Clyde asked about where a guy could get a pair of boots fixed.
"This is the most comfortable pair of dress boots I ever had" he continued. "But the sole is getting a hole in it.  Does anyone around still half sole boots?"
From around the table came suggestions where guys had had boots fixed; Wichita, Ponca City,  Bartlesville, Amarillo.   With each suggestion came the consumer report for that place of business and the price last paid.
"Well there's a guy down at Niotaze that does a good job.  He done these." Clem offered as he raised his foot to the edge of the table for everyone's nod of approval, "and he only charged twenty bucks!" which brought more nods of approval. 
"The wife wants me to throw them away" Clyde continued.  "But dang it's hard to find comfortable boots anymore.  Everything I try on hurts my feet.  She says maybe I should just get me a pair of loafers to wear for dress.  I'd feel plum naked though without boots on."
All nodded their agreement except for one.
"I did break down and buy me a pair of tennis shoes the other day," Chester offered sheepishly.
"Tennis shoes?" asked Clyde needing clarification he had heard correctly.
"Yeah!" exclaimed Chester in defense.  "I got tired of my feet hurting" he said hoping to rectify his reasoning. 
Clyde was just looking at his friend with one eyebrow raised, the other sort of squinting.  "What brand did you get?"  
"Well," Chester continued.  "I just stopped at Wal-Mart and got me a cheap pair."
"Not a pair of them gray ones that all the old men wear around town?" Clyde asked, still disbelieving his life long cowboy friend.  "With the Velcro straps?"
"Yep" Chester said putting his foot up on the table.  "Really, sort of comfortable.  The only thing wrong is trying to keep a set of spurs on them".
"Goodness!" Clyde snorted in disbelief.  "At least you ain't got none of them bermuda shorts."
"Uh ....." Chester stammered, "bought a pair of those too."


MUD said...

Just for you I am going to post my Tennis Shoe joke on my site. MUD

Robb said...

Well, I recommend sandals to you cowboys. At least you can get sandals in leather. which should make you feel a little more comfortable. Just DO NOT wear socks with them.

Jenni said...

We've gone to two different places in Wichita in the past. I don't know if they're still around though. Sandals are no good for wearing around horses--or where there are snakes. I have a pair of dearly loved sandals that are going to have to be retired. They're absolutely shameful. Boots don't look so good with my shorts and capris I wear in the summertime.

In_spired said...

Lost your e-mail address. Lost your blog address. Just now found it by googling. My gosh! Googling is a wonderful tool...I just forget to use it.

Remember our discussion about Nene and Janice? Yesterday I found a recipe in "Cooking With the Munday Methodists", submitted by the two of them! Isn't that ironic?

Hope you had a great 4th!!

crabby old man said...

Chester sounds like My kind of COWBOY, about the shorts & boots when I combine the two looks like a Killdee wearing shotgun shells