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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Standing in his shadow

A couple weeks ago, I was getting gas down at the Copan Truck stop .. (out at the fuel pumps ... not in the restaurant!) .. when this semi pulled along the next fuel island.  The driver set the air and had no sooner set one foot on the ground when a boy about 10 years old came bailing out the driver side door.
"Dad", he asked, "can I put the diesel in?"  The driver nodded and patiently helped the youngster start the fuel into the tank.  All the while the youngster was jabbering excitedly about this and that.
"Dad, can I bump the tires?" was his next question.  The driver reached in just under the seat and handed the boy a small ball peen hammer which the excited youngster grabbed and headed back hitting each tire to check inflation.  The driver followed along closely lending a trained ear to the sound as the boy struck each tire.
"Dad, that one sound low?" the boy ask, sounding some what excited that he might have found one.
"I believe it's ok" the driver answered, "let's check the rest of them."  I watched and listened as the two walked around the truck, the same question / answer repeated at each set of duals, the driver patiently teaching his son.
My car now fueled, I was ready to leave when they walked close by.  "That's quite a swamper you've got there" I said with a wink.
"Yeah, he's still a little short on one end ... but I think he'll make it" the driver said looking down with a grin.  The boy, standing in his father's shadow beamed with pride.
I looked at the sign on the door of the truck ..... Wilson Freight Line, Omaha Nebraska ... but for a second, I was transported back 46 years and it read E. L. Reddish, Springdale, Arkansas.
Thanks Dad .. I ain't forgot your guidance .. Happy Father's Day


Anonymous said...

That was wonderful dad...you did have a great example! Which is why you were such a good example to us girls as well.

Love you,

Jenni said...

What a perfect Father's Day post!

Robb said...

Great post. I was not lucky enough to join dad on the road in his Texaco tanker. Most I got to do was ride around the terminal grounds. But I still remember those rides after all these years. Thanks for stirring the memories.

MUD said...

Cute Story. My dad worked for Beech Aircraft so I was a "son of a Beech- crafter" MUD