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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A vacuity of computerese

The guys at the Stockman are often caught in a time warp, some time between the frontier days and the space age.  Cattle still graze the flint hills requiring cattleman to brave the elements for their care.  Yet the cell phone and computer are becoming a necessity in doing business. 
Cattle are now commonly sold via satellite auctions to prospective buyers all over the nation.  Some local auction barns even broadcast their sales over the internet allowing for more distant buyers of the local ranchers live commodities.  However, for those that are stuck in this "time warp" ... too young to retire ..... and too old to grasp some of the newer electronic contraptions ... this proves to be a struggle.
This morning Clem was complaining that the Misses was wanting to replace their Dell computer.  "It's only 9 years old," he complained, "my tractor is 20 and I'm not ready to replace it!"
"What's the problem with it?" asked Chester.
"She complains that she can cook, eat and do supper dishes while it's warming up." He explained, "I don't see any problem with that.  What else would she be doing?"
A young service man, on leave visiting his grandparents and apparently with computer knowledge, asked, "What size processer does it have?"
Clem, not wanting to look like he didn't have a clue, answered, "About the size of any other computer I guess.  About 18 inches high and 6-8 inches wide.  Sets there on the desk."
"No No" the service man explained, "I mean the part that does the computing, the actual work.  Like the engine in a pickup."  Clem, now visibly clueless, just shrugged.
"Well, do you know what operating system it has?" continued the young man truly wanting to give some technical advice to his senior acquaintance.
Clem thought for a moment before answering, "Well, she uses a keyboard and mouse."
The young man tried desperately to contain his smile, but it was evident none the less.  So rather than to continue his questions, he began explaining the advancements made in the last 9 years in computer processors, internet speeds etc.  Everyone was tuned in to listen even though most weren't on the same channel and didn't understand anymore than if they had been listening about brain surgery.
Finally Chester ventured, "You seem to know a lot about computers and electronics, would you mind giving me a little help?"
"I've had quite a bit of training in computers and wireless transmissions" the young man explained, "how can I help?"
"Would you mind," Chester continued, "resetting the digital clock in my feed pickup now that daylight savings time is over?"


MUD said...

I am the "snail mail" in the electronic world. While I did get a digital camera and use a computer, I refuse to get a cell phone. There are times I don't want to be found. Weeks after the daylight savings change I find clocks all over the house and the car wrong by and hour or merrily flashing 12, 12, 12 after a power outage. Great story, sad that it is true but a great story none the less. MUD

crabby old man said...

Dennis I can relate to this ,for frequently I have to get my Grandboy to get me thru a lot of this newfangled stuff.
Enjoyed the post.

The Ponderer said...

Funny! I am amazed at the number of people who WORK on PCs every day who are still completely clueless about them on any level that is different than "normal." Unfortunately some of them work for me and test my patience from time to time with some incredible questions.

In_spired said...

So funny, yet so TRUE!! The clock in my vehicle still needs setting. The clock in Hubs PU needs setting. I have two chiming clocks that need setting.

MUD's comment is right on target!!

Great story, Mr. D!!

Jenni said...

LOL! I've gotten behind in the blogs I'm following. I'm glad I came back and read this post. Too funny and too true.

My inlaws had a "perfectly good" computer in their garage sale three years in a row before we finally convinced them to let some guy have it for $10. Really I'm surprised he offered that much. It is distressing to see how quickly these things become dinosaurs though! I also had to talk the inlaws into just throwing out those BetaMax videotapes they kept trying to sell in the garage sale. People didn't even know what a Beta was and kept asking why the VHS tapes were a funny size. It's hard enough to find a taker for those VHS tapes nowadays.