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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The older we get

Back as a young man, (not too many years ago) I used to drink a big glass of water around 9 PM each evening.  This was like setting an alarm clock for 5 AM or even better because it didn't have snooze settings!  As you well know how habits work and still to this day I do the same thing.
However things have changed.  Last night as we "retired" the Warden asked, "Did you have your Dr. Pepper yet"?
"I don't drink Dr. Pepper!"  I remitted.
"You have most every night of our married life" she retorted.
"What in the world are you talking about?"  I was beginning to think she had lost the last of her mind.
"Well, I guess you're right," she explained.  "When we were younger you drank water, now it's Dr. Pepper because you're up at 10 PM, 2 AM and 4 AM!"
Then if that wasn't degrading enough .... SHE LAUGHED!


crabby old man said...

I can relate to this

The Ponderer said...

Now that is funny! Yeah, I use my cell phone alarm if I happen to sleep that long. But I have to cut off my liquids after dinner so I can sleep all night! :P