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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gateway to the West - Repeated (almost)

To understand the title of this blog, one must be familiar with a former blog ... actually there are several blogs concerning my travels through STL ... but the similarities to Gateway to the West are astounding! However there are four major differences:
  1. I now know where the MLK Bridge is.
  2. The River Front Road being flooded by the Mississippi
  3. My TomTom doesn't do well with detour signs and flooded roads.
  4. The Warden spotted the sign to "The Arch parking garage"
Each year the Warden and I look forward to visiting Baby Ruth, (our youngest daughter ... not the candy bar) and traveling the 600 miles to see her.  The only dreaded obstacle is ST. Louis!  I think the MDOT and STL city fathers even plan for my July trip by figuring new places for construction and detour signs to highten my summer excursion experience.  I figure they look at it much as a scientist does who puts a lab rat in a changeable maze to see how long it takes for the rat to get the cheese!  And (there is no doubt in my mind) had the STL city council and the MDOT been around, in 1803, there wouldn't have been any way Lewis and Clark could have found their way up the Missouri River! 

The Warden has said ... without exception each year as we crossed "the bridge" ... someday we need to stop and see the Arch.  This has been easily brushed off each trip because of the blaring horns, screeching tires and my audible praying as I weed my way through the STL traffic.  I just say I can't get to the exit or that I didn't hear her in time.  But as fate would have it ..... yesterday, having taken the route laid out by my trusty TomTom ..... we sit staring at the flooded road ahead of us and just to our right was the entrance to the parking garage ... there was no getting out of this one!

As we made our way down the walkway to the Arch, I read a sign that said over 2,000,000 people visit the Arch every year.... this really wasn't news to me ... I figure most were just asking directions of how to get across the bridge!  But it was a well manicured park with LOTS of people there .... and the Park Ranger even knows the fastest way to get to the MLK bridge!

While there we did get to take a few pictures of the Warden.  I posted them on my facebook mobile page.  And a picture of me with some people who wanted to promote green energy and opposed more drilling for oil.  They seemed pleased that I wanted a picture with them holding up their signs.  Their mannerism changed however when I told them I was against ethanol, windmills and wanted to drill on the Anwar tundra!  (I made a fast get-a-way when they started yelling for the Park Ranger!)

But I figure the picture will make some good discussion at the Stockman next week when I get home.

And Arno ... someday I am gonna stop in your hometown for a visit with you and Cherie ... heck, if you lived close to "the bridge" .... I'd probably see you every year!!!!!!!!!!


Jenni said...

Okay, so why are you against windmills? Hope you had (are having?) a great trip.

crabby old man said...

Us old country Boys need to stay at home