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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Coffee Makers

I sure wish I had one of them old tin percolators. You know the kind with the small glass bulb on top so you could watch the color of the water change as the coffee brewed. Put some coffee in the little strainer. Fill the urn with water. Sit it on a burner and in a few minutes you had coffee. Or maybe a Pyrex percolator made of all glass so you could watch the whole brewing process. Anything SIMPLE!

Sunday morning our coffee maker sort of blew up. Well not literally, it just sprung a leak and ran all over the cabinet. I examined it to fix it and found it to be "re-place-able" rather than "fix-able". So it went to the trash bin and I went to Wal-Mart to find a replacement.

Our old one was real simple. Just put in coffee and water, hit the big red button on the front and poof, you had coffee in a few minutes! The only "bell and whistle" it had was a two hour safety shut off incase you forgot to push the big red button. (Which the Warden and I almost always forgot to do.) Well apparently that style was too efficient because they quite making them.

Wal-Mart did have at least 15 different styles with all sorts of bells and whistles. Expresso makers. Cappuccino makers. Instant "cup of coffee" makers. Coffee makers that were also alarm clocks. This one is "programmable". (You know I enjoy flashing lights and buttons). All sorts of safety stuff on it.

Well that night I set the clock perfectly that is built into the face of this elixir maker. I got to poke all the buttons as I programmed the thing to come on at exactly 3 AM so that when I got up the coffee would be ready to pour and I could enjoy my morning cup at first rise. No waiting!

In the night the electricity must have blinked during the boomer and reset everything. When I got up, the little clock was blinking showing that the time was off by several hours and there was no coffee made.

Well I started trying to reset the brewing time, but the "safety features" wouldn’t let me over ride. So I opened the manual to find out how. It was written in several languages and all of them made no sense!

"Hold down the ON button while touching the minute button three times to enter your password allowing you to reprogram your coffee maker"

Well that’s fine and dandy, but I never set a password in the thing to begin with! (I don’t think.) To make a long story short, I finally figured out that at 3PM each day (and 5PM on Sundays) the coffee maker will come on and make the perfect cup of coffee!

Best I can figure, I’m either going to have to go to Wal-Mart and get another coffee maker or change jobs so I work a night sift to have a fresh cup of coffee!

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Paul Decelles said...

Yup I still have my mom's old perculator-actually hers is aluminum rather than tin- and even though I normally use a new drip coffee maker, every once in a while I use my mom's so I can pretend she is still with me and we are talking over coffee as we did when I was young.

I am going to link this article to KGB this week.