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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Warden

Over the past couple of years, many have written to ask about the "Warden". Does she read the blogs? Does she mind being called such a name? Does she know that I refer to her in such a manner? People have even written saying that apparently I am an insensitive person. I have even been threatened a couple of times.

This shocks me. Thus I am compelled to write this blog concerning the Warden.

First of all, let me explain to those of you who do not know her. She is a librarian and understands how important stories, books and the written language are in shaping and educating those around us. How they help in the exchange of ideas and facts. The written word is needed to spread humor and fascination or explain devotion or even anger. So thus she encourages me to write.

However, communication is a two way street. I write with my limited vocabulary with a certain thought in mind. I use the words I know to explain that feeling or event. You (the reader) reads using the understanding of your culture, background and events that have shaped your thinking.

For instance, if I was to write the statement, "Your beauty would make time stand still." Most would accept that as a compliment. Some however would interpret that as a putdown by understanding it in this manner. "Your face would stop a clock".

Many of you have interpreted the word "Warden" incorrectly. Most have seen the word as a chief guard of a prison or an enforcer of punishment. You do not see the word as an official charged with special supervisory duties.

Also I am a very slow typer and speller. (I wouldn’t dare write anything in long hand without a spell checker!) So I started using acronyms as often as I can to speed up my story telling. An acronym of course is an abbreviated way of writing a lot of words with a few keystrokes.

Warden in my case is more of an acronym.

Wonderfully Attractive Resourcefully Diligent Efficient Nurturer

So from this point forward, I hope each of you will see my references to "the Warden" in a much different manner.


Anonymous said...

well now dennis, that's backpeddaling at it's very finest

Gaye said...

Wow, I too am thinking, "I wonder how long it took Dennis to come up with this acronym?"

Dennis, I think you are ready to go back to work after your surgery. You have had way too much time on your hands and mind!

When I asked "the Warden" about this "loving reference", she just laughed.

Now that is true love!