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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Internet

When I first began hearing about the internet I had trouble even understanding the concept of a network of computers tied together around the world.  Not only that but what possible functions could it play in daily life.
Now I do my banking on line.  I pay most of my bills through the internet.  I check the weather.  I read the news I want and skip the rest.  I can shop at Wal-Mart without standing in the Express lane for three hours.  Literally millions of companies large and small have web sites.  I can go research articles about health and nutrition.  I can check out "how to's" on most any subject known to man.  I can buy plane tickets, plan vacations and set up reservations.  I can check sports scores or stock prices.  Research history or learn about astronomy.  The list of things I can do is as endless as the internet itself.
As more and more companies begin to rely on the internet for commerce they are constantly researching ways to "keep you connected".  I can carry my laptop and in many cities use it to connect to a WI-FI network and do the very same things while traveling as if I was sitting at home behind my desk.
The growth of the internet out-surpassed the TV.  Television grew rapidly in the 40's and 50's.  Hardly any homes in the industrial world was vacant of a TV by the early 60's.  People marveled that the world was becoming smaller.  We got to see the news within hours when dignitaries met for summit talks or a catastrophic event happened somewhere.
Now all over the world people with personal computers are getting connected and the world gets smaller.  Some ordinary individual sitting on a computers can relay information in a matter of seconds about events like the tsunami, earthquakes, war in Iraq or other catastrophic events.
People get to know people from other countries through chat rooms, instant messengers or pen pal sites and friendships grow from these.  No longer do we rely on what the dignitaries to tell us or the news men.  Today we can find others and learn ourselves.
Then the thought hits me.  Besides the millions of companies out there, there are literally billions of people like myself sitting and staring at these little lighted screens.  Now you would think with all those billions of people out there hooked to the internet that I would have at least ONE email to read this morning!

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