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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Now back in biblical times dreams meant something.  Some were like visions of the future.  You remember Joseph's dream provoked so much jealousy that his brothers sold him into slavery.  Then from there his ability at interpreting dreams helped him rise to be second in power only to the Pharaoh.  Then there was Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel was able to interpret his dream and also rose in standing in Babylon.
Sometimes dreams are influenced by things on our minds, things that happened that day or some sort of stress we are undergoing in our lives.  Well I need a modern day Joseph or Daniel to do a little interpreting ..... or maybe a hidden camera to gather evidence!
Now I'll admit, over the years I've done some strange things in my sleep.  Back in the early married days, I was having a tremendous problem with a co-worker.  So bad was the problem that one night I dreamed I caught him by the cuff of the neck and drawed back to give him a pop.  I probably would have popped him good if my new wed had not screamed out in time because it was the cuff of her cotton night shirt I had hold of.
And there was the time a few years later that I dreamed I needed to go check the heifers I had penned that might be calving.  I couldn't find the keys to the pickup in my pocket.   The Warden woke me at the backdoor; clad in boots, hat and underwear; searching in my non-existent pockets for the keys.
Then night before last I dreamed I was eating supper and watching AFV on TV when my glass of tea tipped to fall over the edge of the table.  With my lightening fast reflexes I reached to grab the glass and was awaken with a very audible "ooof!"
As I blinked my eyes trying to get my bearings, I saw the Warden sitting up in bed.   "What was that for?" she demanded.
"What was what for?" I asked still trying to figure out where I was.
"Hitting me in the ribs like that!" she replied.
"I reached out to grab a glass that was falling off the table" I explained.
"What glass!  What table!"  She was a little irritated to say the least.
"In my dream" I continued with my explanation.
"Yeah.  Right!"  She didn't seem to accept my answer.
"Com'on.  You can't blame someone for a dream can you?" I replied to her disbelieving attitude.  With that I rolled over and tried to catch up on my unfinished night's sleep.
Well now the blog should stop here ... but it doesn't.  Last night, my wonderful nights sleep was interrupted when I was slammed in the face by a book.  Before I could realize I was under attack, I was accosted again.  I throwed up my hand and barely deflected a third blow.
"Hey!  What's going on?"  I asked in a not to low voice.
"I dreamed there was a spider on your pillow and I was trying to get it!" she explained.  And before I even questioned her motive she continued, "You can't blame someone for their dreams can you?"  And with that she set the book down on the night table and turned off the light.
My question is .... why was the light on if she was asleep?


MUD said...

Funny stuff. I have a good ability to remember the dreams I had the night before. A lot of them lately have been situations where I need to do something and am unable. From time to time I dream I am in the Military and need to do something I didn't. A lot of times I will think about a problem I had during the day and often find and remember a solution. The exception is when I light my pipe for a good smoke. I haven't done that for 20 years in real life. Oh well, MUD

Jenni said...

Sounds like she knows how to cure you of your overactive dreams! My dh just orders me around asking for 2x4s and hammers in his sleep. Both my boys have had bouts of sleep walking and my oldest once tried to gather wood and light a campfire in his sleep while on a Scout trip.

I hardly ever dream, but the other night I did have a nightmare. It was all about cakes. I don't need an interpreter to tell me what that dream was all about since I volunteered to be in charge of the 8th grade graduation reception.